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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dutch Oven Bierocks

I don't like to fire up the oven in the kitchen, when the weather is so hot. Guess I could do my baking at night, but it's easier to cook everything outside (if possible).
Bierocks are nice to have on hand for quick meals later. I can zap them in the microwave or just eat em cold.

I start with the dough..

1 1/4 cups of warm water
1 pkg active dry yeast
2 tsp sugar
2 TBS oil
1 tsp salt
3 1/2 cups all purpose flour (more if needed)

Dissolve the yeast in warm water, add sugar, oil and salt. Blend in flour... knead til smooth. (about 10 minutes) Cover and let it rest for one hour.

While the dough rises, I make the filling..

Brown 3 lbs of burger
add minced onions
also add as much shredded cabbage as you like. I start with one cup and add more if needed.
I like my bierocks to have more meat than cabbage.
Salt and pepper to taste. I like LOTS of black pepper. :)
Drain the grease from the mixture. Let the filling cool before using.

I just grab a ball of dough and roll it into about a 7 inch circle. I usually get 9 bierocks out of this recipe. Spoon in some of the cooled filling, then bring the edges together and pinch closed. I just eyeball amounts. 

I like to brush the bierocks with butter  before baking...

I used lump coal on this cook. Left a small amount of hot coals on the bottom and a few on the top of the dutch oven lid.

I rotate the oven and lid every so often for even cooking.  Peek after 15 minutes to see how it's going. :)

This batch took 25 minutes to brown.

They smell SO good when you first open the lid. I love hot bread. :)

I use a spoon to dig one out of the pot. :)

These take awhile to prepare but it's worth the work to have several meals on hand.

Hope everyone is keeping cool and safe from flooding and storms.
It's been hot here in Oklahoma, but I'm getting rain at least once a week. The garden is doing great!

I processed a batch of game hens that I need to post about. These were "special" birds that I fed a custom feed to flavor their meat. It worked out really well.

Those of you contacting me about chicken pluckers... good luck with your builds!
Those of you contacting me about building smokehouses... hope you send pics if you get the time.
Those of you contacting me about raising shrimp. It's too late to start this year but get your orders in for juveniles the first of next year, you should be set to go.

Thanks for stopping by!


LindaG said...

i have never heard the name you call these, but they do look yummy! Kind of like meat pies.
Thanks for sharing this recipe!

Rolf Virbom said...

Hi Jeanie,

I love that wind shield around the tractor rim . . . ;)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Linda! There is something similar called Runzas but I'm not sure what the difference is. Hope you're staying cool in this heat! :)

cowgirl said...

lol Thanks Rolf!! I set the little table up over the coals when I lit them. The wind was whipping around and I thought it might hold the coals in place. The when I put the DO on the fire, I tilted the table over and didn't think about it. lol It does look pretty odd there. :D

Have you heard of these Bierocks??? They are supposed to be German in origin.
Hope all is well with you! Good to see ya. :)

Rolf Virbom said...

"Bierocks" are not original german food. It has nothing to with Bier (Beer).
I think it is a developed pronouciation of the word "Pierogi", what is a typical dish in east europe.
It is said, that german and baltic mennonites brought this to the US.
But I am not sure to be right.

cowgirl said...

Thank you for the info Rolf! I appreciate it.
I've been thinking about your goulash recipe. That stuff is the best I've ever tasted. I need to make more soon. Thanks again for sharing the recipe.
Hope all is well with you! :)

TomW said...

Thank you for posting this - I was intrigued to find that the Internet appears to hinge on your original post about this from other venues.

Your recipe was just now printed - I am on my way to the grocery store to pick up what I do not already have on hand.


cowgirl said...

That is interesting Tom! I've tried to find more info on Bierocks but haven't been very successful. They taste good, so I guess that's the important thing. :)
Hope you have great luck with them. Thank you for your kind comment. It's nice to see you!! :)