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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Comal Cookin' (Beef Cheek Tacos)

This was a cook from the 4th of July weekend. I've had the comal pan since last October and haven't taken the time to use it. I was hoping to use it with a new cooker/burner that I'm putting together.
The project is on hold for now so I decided to give the pan a try on the Browning burner set up.

added a bit of oil...

Started with onions and peppers... The comal is hotter in the center, over the burner so I cook everything in the middle and scootch it to the sides to keep warm.

I precooked the beef cheeks and had them bagged and ready to go.  Also seasoned the some shrimp so they would be a quick cook.
For variety I added chicken and some venison...

Just heated everything in the center and moved them to the side. It went fairly quick.

When the meats were cooked, I heated corn tortillas...

Set it up "self serve" style..

Didn't get a pic of the trimmin's... had the usual pico, limes, salsas, hot sauce, lettuce, cheese...

I went with one beef cheek and one venison taco....

I like this kind of meal, you can eat as little or as much as you like. Kind of graze all night. :)
Beef cheeks are one of my favorites. I like to prepare them in advance, bag and freeze the meat for quick taco meals.
The comal pan worked fine. I need to get back to the comal burner project. It's taking up too much room in the shop, I want to get it finished and put it to use soon.

Hope you all are keeping safe and cool this summer. Thanks for stopping by!


Jim Dorchak said...

Very nice for when you have friends over on the patio for a good long eat. I have never seen or heard of one of these pans. They of course have DISCOS here in Chile for cooking over the fire. Which is of course a disk off of a broken disk harrow. Very neat way to do it. Was it hard to clean up?

By the way here is my vid on Boris/ Catlin.

I do not blog so much I like video, it just seems easier.

Also I have heard when I lived in France of hams cured using the ashes from the fireplace. Have you ever heard of this?

Thanks Jim

Mark said...

It's been a couple of years since I came by, but I see your standards are higher than ever. Good stuff here - keep it up!

I'm going to have to drop in and eat one day...


Jim Dorchak said...

Hey Jeannie are you ok? Haven't heard from you in a while?

Errol Wayne said...

Been missing ya!

cowgirl said...

Wow Jim, great video! Thank you!!
Your place is looking nice, you've got it made! :) I bet Catlin was tasty. lol
Things have been busy here... with that and photobucket problems, it's been a pain trying to post on my blog. I'm going to try skipping photobucket and using some other way.
The comal is stainless, it's kind of hard to clean. I oil it after each use for storage, that helps some. Discadas are nice, I have one but it's leaking.... need to get busy and weld it. :)
I've heard of using ash in curing but have not tried it. Let me know if you do!
Thanks for stopping by and for the nice messages. I've missed ya! :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks so much Mark, good to hear from you!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Errol Judy! Missing you too. :)