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Saturday, May 1, 2010

LPQue 2 BBQ Championship Knoxville, Iowa

Just a heads up! The LPQue 2 BBQ Championship in Knoxville, Iowa is going to be held June 4th and 5th 2010.
The contest site is located on the north side of Knoxville on Highway 14. Just across from Advance Transmission Auto Center on the west side of Highway 14. The address for Advance is 2305 North Lincoln Street, Knoxville, Iowa.

This will be an interesting event pitting gas cookers against wood pellet cookers. :)

First place prize money is $5,000.! Not bad at all!! :)

For more information check out this link.. LPQue2


Rocco said...

so are you going to this event???

Chris said...

Never heard of any of these locations and I'm local.....oh, Knoxville IOWA ;)

Unknown said...

Pretty neat concept for a comp. Wish I lived closer. It sounds like something I would love. But the 850 mile difference in location is just a bit much for right now. If I do well enough with the local comps(200 miles) this year maybe I can slate it for next year. But if I do, you have to promise to drive out and be my hospitality coordinator! 'Course they would all be there to see you so it is only fair that you be the people wrangler.

cowgirl said...

I won't be able to go Rocco. Wish I could though.

cowgirl said...

lol Chris.. it's your twin city!

cowgirl said...

Ha Marc! If you showed up, they would all be there to see you!
I talked with Jumpin Jim from Gold Medal BBQ yesterday.. He's sponsering the event. The prize money is pretty danged good.. $5,000. plus a smoker!
Bet you could win it!

Mrs. JP said...

Oh, Knoxville Iowa!!! I thought, yeehaw, a BBQ contest coming close to us.
I can't imagine gas heat coming close to the real thing taste. hmmm.

cowgirl said...

Mrs JP, you need to get together with Chris and start a contest in your area! :)
I've not smoked with gas either... not sure how the flavor compares to wood heat. It sounds like an interesting competion. :)

Thanks Mrs JP!