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Monday, May 10, 2010

Drum Smoked Surf & Turf

I did a reverse sear on some ribeyes.. also threw in a few twiced baked potatoes and king crab legs to soak up some smokey goodness...

I rubbed the ribeyes with olive oil, then seasoned with cracked black pepper and kosher salt..

I let the ribeyes smoke for about one hour, then flipped them over and added the twice baked potatoes and king crab legs...

The potatoes are baked. Garlic and minced onions are sauteed in butter until tender. The potatoes are scooped out and added to the garlic/onion/butter mixture. Add a bit of milk, salt and pepper then smoosh the potatoes until creamy smooth. Sprinkle with your favorite cheese.

Fill hollowed potato shells with smooshed potato filling, then sprinkle with more cheese... then into the smoker until heated through.

The crab legs are precooked so they just need to be heated through. It takes about 30 minutes for both the crab legs and the twice baked potatoes to heat through and soak up some smokey goodness.

after smoking another 15 minutes, I seared the smoked ribeyes over an open flame for 6 minutes per side....

then sprinkled the twice baked tatoes with crisp bacon bits and served garlic butter with the crab...

I know I've said it before, but I think this might be my favorite meal.. :)


Big Dude said...

I'm a reverse sear convert and that meal looks tooooo good. I know I've asked this before but is the ranch next door to you for sale? or would you be interested in being adopted.

Unknown said...

My goodness Miss Jeanie! Your dinner looks wonderful. If it tasted half as good as it looks no wonder it is your favorite meal.

Is that grass fat beef? A local co-op just formed down here so I can get local grass fat beef now. Will be giving them a try when I get back from MIM.

Mrs. JP said...

I'm just always learning from you. Reverse sear! Actually, that's what JP did with out ribs for Sunday. He smoked them with the two briskets he had on there and then threw them on the grill to heat them up and sauce them. Yummy, yum.
Okay, now I'm hungry. I always have to go find a snack after I read your blog. Sure, I blame that on you, right?

cowgirl said...

Thanks Big Dude! Isn't the reverse sear tasty. :)
I think I need to be adopted. lol

cowgirl said...

Hey Marc, you're going to MIM.. nice! I bet it will be fun. :)
The beef isn't grass fed, I like a bit of marbling in the meat so it's grass fed then grain fed at the end of the growing period. :)
Hope all is well with you!

cowgirl said...

lol Thanks Mrs JP!
I bet those ribs and the brisket were outstanding! Hope you had a great weekend. :)

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cowgirl said...

Vincent, thank you for the invitation, I apprecitate it!

I will definately check your site out.