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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

KK's Drum Smoker

When someone contacts me about my drum smoker or smokehouse, (or any of my projects), I always ask for an update when they get it finished. Most folks do not take the time to do that. I realize people are busy.
KK was kind enough to send these pictures of his finished drum smoker.

I really appreciate it KK, your smoker looks great!
I'm so glad it's working out well for you!! :)

Chicken on the drum...
Looks so tasty!!
Thank you again KK. :)


Jonathan said...

Both of your smokers look great (cowgirl's and KK's)! KK where did you get your cooking rack? Cast Iron? Cowgirl, I love your site. The meshing of your recipes/projects/outing and photos is perfect! I've passed you on to all my DIY friends. I too would like a copy of your drum smoker plans if you're willing. Thank you!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Jonathan!
I appreciate you checking out my blog and passing the word!

I do not have drum plans written down, but have posted quite a bit about my build under the header "My Drum Smoker"...
It's posted up on the right side of the page in my favorites list underneath my smokehouse picture.

lol Hope that makes sense.

Feel free to contact me too if you have any questions. I can give you more exact measurements and maybe explain it better. I'm happy to help if I can.

Thanks again Jonathan. :)

KK said...

Hi Jonathan,

Quite observant....cast iron grate indeed! I purchased it as a replacement grate for a large big green egg. It was about 18.2 or so inches in diameter so I had to grind it down to about 18" diameter....not sure it was worth the effort....but I do like it.

Jonathan said...

Thank you both! I just found a place here in town that has food grade drum for CHEAP! I'll get the rest of the parts here soon. I have an affinity for cast iron, so a grate would goes nicely with my skillets and DO!

cowgirl said...

That's great Jonathan... Keep us posted on your build. I would love to see it!:)

Anonymous said...


I loved your simple yet elegant cinderblock pit for smoking a whole pig. only question is: where can I find a grate to put on the cinderblocks?


cowgirl said...

Thank you TT!
I use expanded metal. It's a large sheet, you might be able to find some through a welder.
Good luck and thanks again. :)