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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cowgirl's Smoked Olive Tapenade

I used some of the olives that I cool smoked with pecan and apple wood in my smokehouse this weekend.

Minced the smoked olives, added chopped capers, garlic, cracked black pepper, kosher salt and olive oil....

The smoked olive tapenade sittin' on a saltine. :) It was pretty tasty stuff!


Rothe Homestead Farm said...

Looks and sounds really good Cowgirl....I was wondering what you were going to do with the olives! :)


cowgirl said...

Thanks Gene!
I can eat smoked olives like popcorn. lol The black ones are my favorite.
I've smoked a lot of olives and find that the ones without oil on them take the smoke the best.

I use them for pizza topping too. :)

Jon said...

This is the same stuff they use on muffulettas , I love this stuff!!
As usual great story cowgirl!


cowgirl said...

Mmmm... Jon, that sounds great! I might have to make one. :)

Thanks! :)

Max said...

Hey Cowgirl,

It's Max again. I have noticed that you grow many if not all of the meat/produce featured in this blog on your own farm. I was just wondering if you had ever heard of Aquaponics and what your take on the system is.

On the off chance you haven't, Aquaponics is a self sustaining fish/vegetable farm that uses the fertilized bacteria filled water from a tank of hearty fish (catfish, trout, cod) and pumps it into a continuous flow hydroponic vegetable bed.

Apparently the yield is increased and you get FRESH fish, from your backyard.

Anyway I was just researching this and immediately thought of you.

Peace and Smoke

cowgirl said...

Hi Max!
I've thought about it before. Might have to build a separate building for the system, the weather here is so harsh.
Right now I'm raising shrimp in my windmill pond and am happy with that.
Just catching fish in the wild when I get the time. ( I do love fishing. :))

Thanks for thinking of me though. Maybe someday I will get more serious about setting up a system.

Good to hear from ya!

Chris said...

Damn, you make a saltine look downright awesome!

cowgirl said...

lol Thanks Chris!
I thought a saltine would work just fine..............and it did. :)

Anonymous said...

Dang, any chance that you would be interested in adopting someone, like say ME? Job well done Jeanie.
Jerry (kratzx4)

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

I love olive tapenade! Add in a little sun-dried tomato and basil and it's heavenly!
I think I should move to become your neighbor :)

cowgirl said...

lol Thanks Jerry!
Seems like I was going to build an addition onto my house to adopt you, Terry, Phil and a couple others. lol
Good to see ya, hope all is well in your neck of the woods. :)

cowgirl said...

YD, come on over! lol
I like the sound of sun dried tomatoes and basil... I'll give that a try. Thanks!!

Will Rees Fine Wood Working said...

mmmm. I started the smokehouse this afternoon, your just having too much fun out there making good food. Planted some extra prickly pear in the yard, i can't believe i'm just now catching on to how good and useful those things are. If you throw 1 or 2 of your old air filters from the return air in your house in the fire, your left with some perfect wire mesh to use as baskets for burning the spines off the pads.

cowgirl said...

Wow Will, that's great! Can't wait to see your smokehouse, I know it's going to be nice.
I do have fun out here, you aren't doing too bad yourself cooking cactus and the fresh fish you catch. Sounds like you are pretty much living off the land too Will.

Thanks for the info on the filters, I would have never thought to use them. That will make burning thorns go so much faster... I appreciate your advice Will. Thanks!

JunkerJunk said...

Again Cowgirl - genius, pure genius, and now I have to try this. I was planning on making a tapenade soon anyway, but with smoked olives sounds SO good!

cowgirl said...

Hey Marty, Thanks!
I love smoked olives and I love tapenade. I'm in heaven right now. lol

The plain black olives take the smoke the best. I hope they turn out well for you Marty. :)