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Monday, April 20, 2009

Had a good Scare....

While working in my shop this weekend, I pulled open a drawer and reached for a screwdriver.
My barn cat had picked this drawer to have her kittens.
I didn't know I could jump so high!!
Scared me into next week.

They are cute...two white, one black, one black with orange and one orange kitten. Spring is here! :)


Mrs. JP said...

I understand the scare but what a redemption value (cute and cuddly.) Are their eyes open yet? AWWWwwww! Maybe they'll be good mousers.

Anonymous said...

That's too cute Cowgirl!!
Thanks for sharing with us :)


cowgirl said...

Mrs. JP, they are so cute!!
They do not have their eyes open yet. I can't leave them alone. lol

cowgirl said...

Thanks Gene!
They sure gave me a scare! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Cowgirl,

More mouths to feed.............!!!!

Just kidding, they are cute.

Your friend in the Carolinas

cowgirl said...

lol I hope they will catch mice for me. :)