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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

For My Pilot Friends

Talk about skill!!
Makes my heart race just watching. :)

Anyone know if this video is a hoax?


Mark said...

A lot of skill, a very powerful stunt aircraft (couldn't do that in a regular general aviation plane), and a lot of luck.

I believe it to be wholly true - you can't fake that. At first I thought it was a model, but no. Thanks for putting it up!

Passed on to all my pilot friends.


cowgirl said...

Thanks Mark,
I tried looking it up on snopes, but have found nothing.

Wouldn't that be the ride of a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

An Isralian airforce F-16 was involved in a mid air collisin during training that resulted in the loss of most of a wing and some of the horizontal stabilizer. The pilot was able to fly it to a sussessful landing.

The pilot in that video though was extremely skilled to be able to survive that incident. By using torque and what little controll he had left he was successful. Bravo!!

cowgirl said...

Thank you for posting this Anonymous. How interesting!!
I can't imagine what went through the pilot's mind while bringing that F-16 safely to the ground.
What skill!!

Again, thank you for the post! :)

Anonymous said...

It is a great impersonation but a total hoax. It was done with a model airplane. Check out the landing and see how it bounces, just like a model. Another sign is when the plane turns on the run way, there is a brief blur to hide the changing of the perspective of a model airplane with a full size version. Quite well done though.

cowgirl said...

Thank you Anonymous, :)

I appreciate the information. Sure did look like a tricky landing.

Thanks for posting, I will check it out!! :)

Anonymous said...

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cowgirl said...

Thank you for the information Anonymous! :)