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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Really Really Easy Ice Box Pickles

I like to make a batch of these when I don't have enough cucs to bother canning.
These are quick and easy. :)

I slice cucs and onions... (bell peppers can be included)

For 6 cups of cucs I heat

2 cups of sugar

1 TBs of canning salt

1 cup of white vinegar

1 tsp of celery seed

Heat until sugar has disolved....

Pour over cucs and onions in what ever jars or containers you want to use...

Then chill.

These aren't sealed so they need to be stored in the fridge.

They are ready to eat in about 24 hours...

I love the flavor of these pickles, they are sweet and crisp. One downside (to me) is the cucumber rind. I usually leave it on but you can peel the cucs first. I did a few of both in this batch.

The pickles do shrink up a lot in the jars...I guess it doesn't really matter though. The jars look about half full after a night in the fridge. They still taste good.. :)


Pete said...

looks great! do you let the liquid cool before pouring ? This is a perfect recipe for some of us who don't have the time to can. Thanks for the recipe.

cowgirl said...

Thanks Pete! I did let the liquid cool a bit. It's probably best to cool to room temperature.
The pickles are easy and tasty.. they do shrink up after chilling but the flavor is good.
Hope they turn out well for you! :)

Mrs. JP said...

I love easy recipes and this one looks great. Plus you don't have to heat up the kitchen to can them. Is it like a bread and butter pickle?

Rocco said...

i make them all the time jeanie, love those fridge pickels!

cowgirl said...

Mrs JP these are really easy.. they DO taste a lot like bread and butter pickles. I love the onions too. Bell peppers can be in the mix but I'm not a huge bell pepper fan.
Hope you have good luck with them.

cowgirl said...

Rocco that's great.. Way to go!

Capt. Ron said...

Jeanie, I make the same thing, but add some jalapenos for the fire and ice effect.

cowgirl said...

Ooooo... I like the sound of that Capt. Ron, Thank you! I will give them a try. :)

Anonymous said...

Very Cool!!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Anonymous! :)

Old Smoke said...

That is kinda what our kitchen looks like after I"VE been cookin'. lol :)

The wild grape vines in my pasture are gourmet food for the longhorns so I don't get many grapes. BUT..... I have some wild blackberries that they don't like near as well. I hope to make a cobbler in the kettle or drum this year.
Have a great weekend

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

That looks kinda neat Jeanie. I'm sure I will have to try that out real soon. I'm using my fridge in the rv, so I'm good there.

cowgirl said...

lol Rick, you must cook like I do, the bigger the mess, the tastier the food. lol
Can't wait to see the cobbler..hope you take pics!
Thanks Rick. :

cowgirl said...

Hey Mark, Hope all is going well for ya. That's nice you have the rv fridge now..
My buddy Gene from Gardne of Eatin sent a dill pickle recipe that looks really tasty.
I hope to get it made soon and post pics...
They are fridge pickles too.

Good to see ya Mark. Tell Traction Hi for me. :)

David P. Offutt said...

Hi! Zucchini works for this too. Had the the other night with some deep fried walleye. Fantastic! It is exciting this time of year when things really start popping in the garden!

cowgirl said...

Thanks for the tip Dave! It's funny you should mention zucchini. I moved some of the pickles to another jar that was half full and added sliced zucchini to the first jar.. I haven't tasted them yet but hope they will be good.
Thanks again Dave!

Deep fried walleye? Dang that sounds so good... :)

Anonymous said...

I've been making something similar for years, but first I soak the sliced cucs and onions in salted ice water for 2 hours. Then I pour the hot vinegar sauce (but no salt added)over the well drained cucs & onions. Still turns out crispy. They shrink up, too.

cowgirl said...

That sounds tasty Anonymous! I do the ice soak on bread and butter pickles.
I will try it on these. Thanks! :)

Dave~ said...

Jeanie, here's one for you to try... My grandmother used to make these and they're great! Especially if you can find the little baby cuecumbers that snap when you bite em.

Mom's Mustard Pickles

Solution(Sufficient for 3 gal of pickles in glass jars)

1 gal vinegar
1 c. salt
1/2 lb. dry mustard (work into a paste with a little of the vinegar)
Pour over cucumbers in jar and seal at once.

They'll make your eyes water, but Mmmm they sure are good!


cowgirl said...

Dave thanks for the recipe! Those sound great! Remind me about this next summer when I have fresh cucs. :)