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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Steak Night

I was able to camp out for a couple of nights at a nearby little lake.  I had hit the lake last weekend, the fish were biting so I went back prepared to spend a couple of days.

The first night I arrived at the lake kind of late. Got the fire going in the tractor rim and started a skillet of fried tatoes and onions...

I was in a hurry to get it cooked before dark. :)

Added a skillet of sliced mushrooms with butter and garlic...

next came the garlic butter... (can't have steak night without crab legs :)) 

Everything went fast... it was getting dark. :)
The steaks were next, then the asparagus (both drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with some of my cold smoked SPOG blend. 
Lastly the crab legs...

I tried taking a pic with the camera's flash..
doesn't look great but I didn't care at the time. I was pretty hungry! (no, I didn't eat it all by myself) :)

I didn't get a plated shot but pretty much ate crab legs and garlic butter and a few asparagus. Didn't make it to the steak but it was great leftover.

The rest of the night was spent relaxing. The fish were biting, the stars were bright and the lightening bugs were so pretty. Just the kind of evening I enjoy. :)

I brought home several catfish. No frankenfish, but they were keepers. :)

Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping cool. Thanks for stopping by!


Mandy said...

Wow...that's my kind of night. The food looks great, as does the surroundings. 97 degrees here in South Carolina, staying cool means staying inside!

LindaG said...

Your posts always make me hungry. :-P

Glad you had a good fishing trip!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mandy! 97 sounds pretty darned hot. I think your area has more humidity than here in Oklahoma too. Hope you keep cool! :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks so much Linda! I'd share the steak and crab if you lived closer. lol
The fishing was good. Hope you all are doing well and keeping cool too. :)

Oneeye said...


cowgirl said...

Thank you Oneeye!
Hope you're having a nice week! :)

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

As usual, looking good Jeanie. I love your camp cooking.

cowgirl said...

Thank you Mark!! So good to see ya. Hope you know we all miss you and your posts.
Hope you're still enjoying your canoe trips too.
I'm still cooking meat on a stick. :) lol

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Thanks Jeanie for the kind words. I do plan to start posting as I get doing things on the house again sometime, hopefully soon. Life seems busy, but not with a whole lot of work or anything, mostly living and enjoying life. I have been doing a lot of canoeing, and I do occasionally cook some meat on a stick on those trips. Everytime I cook meat on a stick I think about you. lol. I'll leave a link to a very unprofessionaly edited video I made with my hat camera just awhile ago. There is a shot of some elk on the river. Its my first time putting anything on youtube. Hope it don't bore you too much.

cowgirl said...

Awesome Mark! Great video!! That looks like so much fun. I can imagine how beautiful the scenery is in person too. The river looks a bit wild and fast in spots. I'd probably tip a canoe over. lol
Glad to hear you are getting time to relax and enjoy life. You deserve it!!

lol I think of you when cooking meat on a stick too.
Great to hear from you Mark, hope you keep in touch.