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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Another Bacon, Leek, Wild Rice Stuffed Salmon on the Campfire

What a long title! I never quite know what to call these posts.
Another favorite thing to cook over the fire.... salmon. I love the crab stuffed salmon but this bacon, leek, wild rice stuffing seems to be my current favorite.

I fry a few pieces of bacon, saute sliced leeks and garlic in the bacon drippings. (add butter too)
When tender, I add the wild rice blend and chicken stock. Let it cool while preparing the salmon.

This is a skin on salmon. I trimmed the tail and belly from the slab to even out the thickness of the fish for even cooking. Cut slits into the meat, not cutting through the skin.. added lemon slices and the cooled bacon, leek, wild rice stuffing..

I oil the fish well, especially on the skin side to keep it from sticking to the grate while cooking. Then sprinkled with my cold smoked salt, pepper, onion, garlic blend.

Onto the tractor rim...

I brought my home made "steam lid" that I use on the Blackstone griddle... it worked well to hold the heat and smoke in over the fish..

While the salmon smoked,  I made a skillet of edamame with scallions, onions and bacon. Also heated up the remaining wild rice stuffing.

just some more pics...

To cook the fish, I place two logs on either side of the fish, then place the edamame and rice stuffing directly over the fire..

I pull the fish off of the fire when I see juices rise to the top...

found a comfy seat on a log..

The salmon was flaky, tender, smoky and moist...

I just love salmon and this has to be one of my favorite ways to make it.  :)

The short camp out at the lake was nice. This is the little lake that has no campsites and no swimming allowed. Not many people go there. For these three nights, only one fisherman showed up. He caught a few crappie and stopped by to give them to me. He said he didn't have time to clean them. It was nice of him to do that!  I caught a few catfish, not many but enough to bring some home for the freezer.

Hope to go fishing again soon. Thanks for stopping by!  :)


Unknown said...

Jeanie, I think you are a never ending source of inspiration.

10 of 10 points!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Rolf!!
Hope you are doing well. I miss visiting with you. Sending hugs your way! :)

LindaG said...

We like salmon, too, and this is definitely and interesting way to fix it!
Glad you have been able to catch fish. We have been getting skunked. Catfish would be welcomed!
Take care!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Linda! I'd trade you some catfish for your extra rain. :D
I'm finally getting squash out of the garden, but no tomatoes yet.
Hope you're having a great week!

Oneeye said...

Great looking stuff as always. Keep up the good work.

From 1990-1997 I commercial fished sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay on the Bering Sea during the summer. I handled so many of them I swore I never wanted to see, let alone eat, another one! Well, enough time has passed that I sure would love to have a few of those beauties to throw on the grill now.

cowgirl said...

Oneeye, that sounds like an interesting job! I bet the scenery was amazing! I've watched fishing shows and it looks like a lot of hard work with not much time off.
I'd be in heaven with all of the fresh least for awhile. Like you, I imagine I would get tired of it after awhile too.
Wish I could try it for a couple of days :)
Thanks so much Oneeye, hope you're having a great week!