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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blue Swedish Duck Eggs and Potted Pork

Well it's not really potted pork. It reminds me of potted pork but technically it's not.  It's a canned pork that I like to make. I use a scrapple recipe with smoked sausage, pork and seasonings. After cooking the mixture I pressure can it for future use.

The pork is already seasoned so I just add minced onions, one egg, cracker crumbs and a kick of cayenne pepper..


I form patties and cover them with panko bread crumbs...

Then I brown them in butter... I like em crispy. :)

The ducks have been laying eggs like crazy.  I love duck eggs, they are a bit larger than my chicken eggs and they cook up so light and fluffy.
I sauté minced onions in butter then add a couple of duck eggs and scramble them right in the skillet with the butter and onions. They are pretty tasty. :)

The pork patty is crisp on the outside but tender in the center...
Sometimes I wonder.... do other folks eat like I do or am I just weird.  : p
One thing for sure, I feel lucky to have homegrown food.  :) 


Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Jeanie

You are not weird by any means, you are alright. Take care.

Chris G.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Looks great Jeanie. I just may have to buy a pressure canner.

cowgirl said...

Thanks Chris! Sometimes I wonder. lol
Hope you're keepin' warm!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Bill! You really should, there is so much you can make with one. :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Paul said...

My My Jeanie, pretty amazing stuff, love it

cowgirl said...

Thanks Paul! Got your message too. I will look for your cooks on fb. Thanks! :)