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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Dinner

Had a white Christmas this year! (Thanks Chris lol)
 It was a cold windy day and by the time I stepped outside to cook dinner the temps had dipped into the teens.  My plan was to have crab legs because they are my favorite food. I rate them right up there with bacon, chocolate and garlic. :)

I  baked a loaf of bread...

Lit some coals in the BPS drum and warmed the crab legs..

while the legs warmed I made a few twice baked potatoes..

then raised the hot coal basket on the drum to sear the steaks...

I didn't get a good pic of my plate. I also didn't make it to the steak or tatoes.... but I really enjoyed the crab legs and hot bread. :)

I managed to catch a cold that night too. Have been hiding under a blanket since Christmas but think I have the bug whipped now.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Sid said...

Sorry to hear about the cold, that's never fun at Christmas.Hope your good for New Years. I'm starting to think those steaks look a lot tastier than the turkey we always have. Have you ever considered bacon wrapped, chocolate dipped crab legs?:)

cowgirl said...

lol Chris.. I have! If you know of a good way to combine all of my favorites, please let me know.
I bet your Christmas turkey was tasty too. Can never go wrong with turkey!
Thanks about the cold..I think I'm going to be back to normal soon. Plan on staying in New Years eve too.

Hope you are safe, healthy and happy! Thanks for stopping by Chris. Hope your 2013 is a good one!

Old Smoke said...

Jeanie your Christmas dinner looks good.
I grilled some rib eyes and pineapple slices, while Mary did the salad and taters inside. I didn't catch a cold, cuz me'n Jack were hangin'out.....;) I need to get to the coast for some Dungeness crab, maybe for new years eve snackin'
Have a great week don't celebrate too much!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

That was a beautiful Christmas dinner Jeanie. I really think that I'm going to plan on something like that for next year, even though I'm not much of a planner. Hey, I'll bet you were glad to see some snow on Christmas day. Just a guess. It seems when it's cold down there, it's also cold up here. A few days ago Grande Prairie was the 2nd coldest city on earth I heard. It was -39 farenheit. You should have been here then and you would have felt toasty down there. lol. Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year Jeanie.

cowgirl said...

Rick thanks! Your grilled pineapple sounds great. So does the salad and tatoes. Great Christmas feast!
Hope you are staying warm and dry. :)

cowgirl said...

Shoot Mark that sounds cold up your way!!
Hope you are keeping warm. I'm interested to see how your new house works out this winter. Looks like you have thought of everything and are set up really well.
Hope you had a great Christmas and save new years eve. Also hope 2013 is good to ya.
Nice to see you Mark, Thanks!