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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two of my favorite things....

Fishing and the full moon...

This picture from last spring makes me smile and warms my soul. :)
Dang...I think fishing fever has hit me early this year.


Will Rees Fine Wood Working said...

I hear ya, it's about time to start thawing out some fish for seafood chowder and reminisce on the gifts of summer.

cowgirl said...

Mmmm... seafood chowder sounds great!
Thanks for the idea Willy, you wouldn't happen to have a good recipe for it would ya?
Good to see you, and oh yeah... I enjoyed your lastest videos! Nice :)

Will Rees Fine Wood Working said...

I sure do have a recipe but its nothing fancy.

First: in a large pot i cook down some veggies which are usually whatever i have on hand- peppers, onion, lots of carrots and celery, portabella mushrooms, and a few strips of chopped bacon- i cook a little while until the bacon starts to brown and the veggies soften slightly.
Next: i add 6 cups of water and chicken consomme/stock to the pot of cooked veggies and bacon - I use 3 telma cubes ground up into the water when it starts to simmer, but fresh stock of any kind is good to mix with the chicken stock, fish or oyster stock is good. Maybe you could make some shrimp stock?
Then: When the water is burbling i add as many cubed potato chunks as i can manage and let the chicken bouillon cook with the potatos and stuff for about 45 minutes. Then i turn it down to simmer and stir in 2 cups whipping cream/heavy cream/ or vit d milk, also fresh herbs and some salt. and let that simmer for another 20 while the cream and bouillon and ingredients blend together. Then i turn off stove and throw in the chopped fish until the pot is about to spill over and cover with a tight lid. The fish cooks as the chowder is cooling down in about 15 minutes and is ready to eat. When i'm finished eating i throw the whole deal in the fridge and then warm it up the next mornin on the stove. Its even better after it sits in the fridge overnight and all the flavors release and blend. Also, if the creme sauce is to thin, mash up some of the potatos and carrots while your stirring and you will have a thick hearty chowder. Enjoy! Willy

Sara said...

Mmmm... chowder! I just made a great crab chowder recipe. It's actually from Emeril's website. It's called "Creole Corn and Crab Bisque" - but if you double the corn and crab like I do, it's definitely not a "bisque"!

I've made it several times - it's always a hit. The liquid crab boil makes it nice and spicy!

cowgirl said...

Willy, that sounds great! Has my mouth watering. :)
Thank you so much for the recipe.. I owe ya.
I can make some shrimp stock. Not sure what kind of fish I'll use, I have some catfish and crappie. I'll probably go with the's a fairly firm white fish.
Thank you again Willy, sounds like something that will warm me right up and will be even better the next day. :)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Sara!
I love crab... I've not checked out Emeril's site but will do that.
Thanks for the tip. :)

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Jeanie, by the sound of your weather, you could always go ice fishing.

cowgirl said...

Mark, I'm not sure why I haven't tried it. lol
When it's cold out I think of snow angels and heading out to the pond with my ice skates but I never think to go ice fishing. :)

You need to be making some snow ice cream! Let me know if you need the recipe. :)

David McGuire said...

Beeeee-uuuuu-tteee-fulllll. Looks nice and warm too.

cowgirl said...

David..Thanks! :)
This is one of my favorite pictures....brings back good memories. I can't wait to get back out there this summer.

I've got some fish thawing for Willy's Seafood Chowder. It sounds so good! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Doc.! :)
Wish I could sit there with you!


cowgirl said...

Hey Phu, Dank je! :)

Het is een stuk warmer dan hier in uw land.
Uw party pictures were great! Ik wou dat ik er had kunnen zijn. :)

Hope that made sense. I'm still practicing. lol

Josie said...

ahhhh, that looks so good! I'm ready to for the weather to warm up so I can go fishing and ride my horses! not so ready for the snakes and ticks, but I'll take 'em!!

Josie said...

Those pictures of your heifers look like my dun mare this morning. She was covered it frozen fog, but all she was worried about was getting something to eat!LOL

cowgirl said...

Josie, me too! I'm ready for riding and fishing. :)