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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Deer Season

Rifle season began today.
I saw a few whitetail this morning but didn't take a shot. ( I might regret that later). :)

I enjoy the hunting part as much as harvesting the meat for winter, so I prolong deer season as long as I am able..... Which is 2 weeks here.

It was a nice day. :)


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

I'm pretty confident that you'll still get your deer this year Jeanie. But if you don't maybe I'll send you one from here in trade for an armadillo.

Bushman said...

I understand your dilemna. I too am a last minute shooter. Except bow season. We get 15 days of gun season here in michigan. I have passsed a few small bucks and a bunch of does. I have tags for four deer however pulling the trigger sometimes spoils the hunt. I think you know what I'm talking about. Good luck.

Chris said...

Gorgeous capture of the sunset.

What do you use for deer, a .30-06? Can't wait to hear about your adventures this season.

Anonymous said...

can't imagine such a short deer season..bow runs oct 15 - jan 31 and gun runs nov 22 - jan 31 so we never have to rush the your site..lp

cowgirl said...

lol Mark, that sounds like a fair trade to me. I might even throw in a rattlesnake and a tarantula.
I almost caught that one armadillo while camping this summer. Sure made a fool of myself while trying. lol
Thanks Mark!

cowgirl said...

Bushman, I know exactly what you're taling about. :) Once you pull the trigger the work begins.
Good luck with your hunt!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Chris!
I use a 30-30 open sites....but have a 243 too. It's just nice getting out there to enjoy the day. :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks lp!
I wish rifle season was a bit longer. Bow and black powder have been going on for awhile... If I had the time I'd take them up.

There is a short doe rifle season again sometime in December.
Good luck to you with the hunt and thanks for stopping by! :)

Tim said...

My father-in-law came home with two hogs, about 150 pounds and 200 pounds. He told me he has about 6 feet of pork loin for me to smoke. :D

cowgirl said...

Wow Tim...nice score! :)