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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weekend Ham

This weekend I smoked a ham and some bacon wrapped corn for company.

The ham is brushed with yellow mustard, then packed with brown sugar and spritzed with whiskey.

The corn is seasoned with cracked black pepper and wrapped in bacon...

I let them smoke until the ham reaches an internal temperature of 165 and the bacon gets a bit of crunch to it. :)

The smoked ham, bacon wrapped corn, cole slaw, fruit and beans.

It's not fancy, but fed 12 of us. lol

I've been catching up on things around the farm and getting some sleep. It's funny how three days of company can wear you out. I keep falling asleep on the couch in the evening. lol

It was nice visiting with everyone though. :)


Rocco said...

i wish i was one of your friends sharing that meal with you!

Anonymous said...

You had a few (12!) friends over huh Cowchick? I'm gonna hafta get a little bit closer to Oklahoma I think.

cowgirl said...

:) Rocco, if you lived closer.


cowgirl said...

Mr D, you need to move closer too! I had no idea that 12 people were going to be at my place over the weekend or I woulda planned something a bit nicer.
It turned out well though.

Thank you!

CW said...

I've never seen you post a meal that didn't make my mouth water! Keep 'em coming baby sister!! Sounds like the country around you is going to start becoming a little more populated!! :)

cowgirl said...

:) Thank you CW! There's plenty of room out here in the middle of nowhere. Better come on down too! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the new addition that you done for Phil, Paul and I needs to be expanded,
As always Tasty lookin vittles Jeanie


cowgirl said...

lol Jerry,
Thanks! If you get here first, you can help me build the new addition. lol

Good to see ya.