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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Lake

Just some shots of the lake where I camped.

My favorite little beach is across the lake, about the middle of the picture.

Night time fishing on my little beach. :)

It was relaxing, I'm ready to go back. :)


Will Rees Fine Wood Working said...

Any big catfish? That looks like a good place for a canoe or kayak to do some exploring.

cowgirl said...

Hi Willy,
There are some good sized catfish in the lake and in the rivers running into it. Some people noodle for fish in the river, but I use my rod and reel... (yes I'm a wuss. :))
The largest flathead I've seen noodled from the river was around 70lbs. The biggest one that my friends have caught on a rod and reel was 63lbs.
I'm sure bigger catfish have been caught there.

It is a nice boats aren't allowed so it's nice and quiet. Canoes and kayaks would be great for exploring.

I meet my friends from Oklahoma City there at least twice a year.

The camping is great. :)

cowgirl said...

Forgot to mention.... The pics on your blog are great. I've never seen or heard of much of the wildlife in your area. I appreciate you sharing the pics.

Will Rees Fine Wood Working said...

Yeah exploring around here is alot of fun, i've never seen or heard of most of the stuff either. The sad part is Titan Cement Plant is about to destroy most of the area i've been exploring. I'm going to explain more about Titan cement on my blog soon. Take care.

Chris said...

What's with the water level (noticed the dock is over dry land)? Is it drought conditions there right now or do they draw the water level down seasonally?

Around here, they open the damns before winter and drop the water level 10-20 feet each year. I was just curious when I saw the dock.

cowgirl said...

Shoot Will, that doesn't sound good! Hope the cement company decides to build elsewhere.
I'll watch for your post.

cowgirl said...

Chris, there is a bit of a drought going on right now. The water level is usually a lot higher.

It's not as bad this year as it has been the past 2 years though.
They lost a lot of fish below the spillway last summer due to lack of water.
If you get any extra rain, send it this way please. :)