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Monday, February 16, 2009

My New Best Friend

Gas for heat is still being repaired....I purchased this nice little space heater and it's doing a great job of keeping me warm. :)


Anonymous said...

I figured you would have a wood burning stove, or have built one.

It is a pain to wake up in the middle of the night in the freezing cold because your fire went out.

cowgirl said...

lol I wish I had a stove of some sort. The farmhouse is old, someone remodeled and removed the wood burning stove.
The chimney still stands though.
Maybe I could get it going again. :)

Not a whole lot of wood out here, but I bet I could burn cow patties. lol :)

Hope you are having a nice Monday and keeping warm. :)

Anonymous said...

Cow patties? You have to be awfully desperate to do that. I did that once in a hunting trip gone bad. Truck broke in a bad place in western Kansas. There was an emergency shelter the state has scattered around. A stove but no wood. There was a cow pasture nearby and we went and got all we could in a blizzard. Yea it kept us warm, but.....The smell was something else. Nothing like a burning dunn pile. But when you have nothing else, it works.

Put a stove back in and buy a couple of cords. Even better, buy a cord of oak, and a mixed cord of apple, cherry and mesquite. I am sure you would find year round use for the wood.

But those radiant, oscillating ceramic heaters are a life saver. Along with those cobalt radiant heaters. A couple of those will easily heat 2 rooms when the gas runs out or regulator and line problems strike.

But you know, spring isn't far off. We will all be swearing at the summer sun soon enough and dust that follows it.

cowgirl said...

lol I actually have a nice wood pile. I use it in my smokers and fire pit.
It's just hard switching the house over to wood heat when my gas is free.
There is more gas and oil in the area than trees. lol

dracothehound said...

It Can be that cold lolol
its getting nice hear about 0 out


cowgirl said...

Shoot that's cold!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you on your heat source, bout time, yea! Did it come with the heating blanket? It looks as if it could fly. I know you're

cowgirl said...

lol Ken!
I am very happy! :)
The store didn't have electric blankets, but this seems to be doing just fine. :)

Hope you are keeping warm!

Anonymous said...

I take it they were out of cowboys? ;-)

cowgirl said...

Mike...lolol! I forgot to look. :)