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Monday, December 8, 2008

My Sunday Evening

While out doing chores Sunday evening, the moon caught my eye... It was beautiful.
The air was so cold and crisp, the sky was amazing. I couldn't resist.......

I placed my tractor rim fire ring right in middle of the driveway, placed a few logs in the pit and fired up my weed burner...

As the night grew colder and the smoke thicker.... I brought out my shop stool, warm work gloves and my safety glasses. I'm sure I looked funny, but I didn't get smoke in my eyes. :)

Before the night was over, three people stopped by to enjoy the fire with me.

It was a nice evening. :)


Anonymous said...

looks like an excellent evening!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mike, I really did enjoy it. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Jeanie.


cowgirl said...

Thanks Ron!
It was pretty cold out, but that little tractor rim fire ring kept me warm. :)