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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dove Hunting

I like to dove hunt at the little windmill pond.....

On the way through the pasture I saw 6 deer resting under a tree....

Couldn't get close enough for a good picture...

A few friends came over to dove hunt with me and I spent the afternoon bragging about how many shells I needed to get my limit of dove. The dove limit is 15 per day here, so I put 15 shells in my pocket.

I started out great...had 6 birds for 6 shells...but my luck ran out.... Had to crack open a box of shells and I lost count of how many I used to get the remaining 9 dove....and brother did I hear about it! lol

I did get my limit and had a nice evening....


Anonymous said...

Good shootin'! We were doing the same here in PA. I must say the barrels of my little snaileared Ithaca double barrel were heating up during my effort to harvest some tasty doves. By sundown we had our limits and were looking forward to a cold one accompanied by boneless dove breasts wrapped in bacon with onion and jalapeño roasted over hot coals. Good food, good company, good times!

cowgirl said...

Snailears, that sounds perfect! Sounds like my kind of evening. :)

Good luck with the dove hunting.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! You must be hunting in the north zone where I hunt. We've had a pretty good season so far. I hate to turn down a good West Texas rain, but I sure hope all that moisture doesn't run off the birds. We plan on grilling doves at the next Texas Tech tailgate.

Enjoy the dove season!!


cowgirl said...

Thanks sitkabustclub!
I know exactly what you mean. The rain slowed the hunting down some, but now the cool air has driven the big grain fed Kansas dove down this way. :)

Good luck with your Texas Tech tailgate...sounds like fun!
Also...good luck with the hunting. :)

Anonymous said...

Cowgirl, enjoy you site. Good recipes.... Brought home alot a dove from south texas this past weekend [south zone opener] and have always cooked them the bacon wrapped/jalepeno way. I enjoy my beef medium rare and have always cooked my dove to "just done" - that is still a little red in the center, never had any problems, but I get dogged by my buddies saying that I need to cook well done. In my opinion that dry's out the bird. Any thoughts?


cowgirl said...

Thank you rdp!
I agree with you, I like to cook them to the just done stage too! Also like my venison a bit pink in the middle too.
I have had no problems cooking dove this way. It sure is easy to dry out the meat by overcooking. :)

Love the breasts with jalapeno slices and wrapped in bacon too...sure are hard to beat. lol

Congratulations on your hunt. :)
Thanks again!