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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cold Smoking a few things

I loaded my little smokehouse with
a pan of kosher salt
a pan of sea salt
some pecans
a string of jalapenos (slit but not seeded)
a pan of clover honey
a mixture of black olives, garlic stuffed green olives, and calamata olives
a homemade seasoned salt (Sea salt, kosher salt, raw sugar, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, coarse black pepper and ground corriander)
a homemade pepper blend (cracked black, white and cayenne)
a homemade pepper/salt blend (garlic and onion added)
Also...two kinds of mozzarella cheese, one monterey jack and one pepperjack cheese

I cold smoked at 65 degrees for about 6 hours.
Burnt down some hedge wood for a bed of hot coals, added pecan and apple chunks for the smoke.

Everything turned out nice.. :)

Link to smokehouse in favorites list.


Anonymous said...

Smoked honey... interesting. How'd it taste? I might have to try some.

cowgirl said...

Hi Mike,
It's hard to describe...but I like it. :)
It's sweet and smokey. lol

I like it on a hot biscuit or sopapilla.
Hope you give it a try sometime. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have any extra you could send me? It might be a while before I get a cold smoker going... :-D

cowgirl said...

Mike, I can sure send ya some out of my next batch.
I'm out right now but will be making more! :)

Anonymous said...

That'd be great, but don't go outta your way for me. If you have some left over next time, maybe send me a little. If not it's just more motivation for me to rig up a cold smoker. :-D

cowgirl said...

Mike, I'll be sure to save ya some. :)

Unknown said...

Very impressive. I would love to make my own hot and cold smokers but don't quite know how how to go about it. is there any literature about how to build them that you could suggest. How did you learn to build them

Unknown said...

What is your favorite smoked food so far?

cowgirl said...

Thanks Jesse,

I used to smoke hams and bacons using a barrel and trench. I wanted to be able to smoke more meat at a time.
I planned on putting a portable box on top of my cinderblock pit, but then changed my mind an built this permanent smokehouse.
I really love it.

Hard to pick a favorite thing, but I'd say homegrown bacon is my favorite thing.
I love smoked olives and spices too.

The site is a good one for smokehouse info

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. :)

cowgirl said...

Jesse, I didn't use any plans. I just measured my cinderblock pit and started building.

Paul Hallmark said...

Hi Jeanie, used your search engine (duh, it was right there in front of me!)I tried to do some cheese like I saw on that post on Brethren.
It worked so-so (2 smokes, 6hrs and 6hrs) I think I'm going to try something else. I've got a table top electric range (single element),a metal pan ,use a box, and cloths dryer (5 or 6" )exhaust metal flex hose running to the bottom of my kettle.
BTW nice looking’ pork butt, I’ve never seen that milky looking chipotle sauce, but I noticed on the label milk or cream with a pepper?

cowgirl said...

Hi Paul!
Glad you found the search engine. :)
Thanks for letting me know how that soldering gun/cold smoke went. I like the sound of your hot plate/pan idea. Can't wait to see how that works for you!

The Zaaschila is creamy.. the ingredients list whey. It's good stuff!! :)
I had not tried it on a smoked pork butt before, I usually use chipotle in adobo. It was nice for a change and the pepper on top added a lot.
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Cajun Mike said...

you should try to smoke a ponce. a stuffed pig stomach. its soooo good

cowgirl said...

I've heard they are good Mike, I might have to try hot smoking one sometime. Thanks!

Dave Simonson said...


I'm wondering what that honey would taste like fermented into mead. Have you ever brewed beer or mead? I may have to give it a try, but it will be awhile. It's the dead of winter and I don't even have a smokehouse yet. That will be my Spring project.

cowgirl said...

Hi Dave!
I've talked with a few people that make mead and they were going to give it a try. I didn't hear back on how it worked out for them.
I've not made mead but might do that in the future.
If you do make some with the smoked honey, please let me know how it goes!
Thanks Dave! :)

Unknown said...

Did you line your cold smoker with cedar? Just wondering wanna build one soon Thank you HillBilly in Iowa!

cowgirl said...

Hi HillBilly,
No I didn't line the smokehouse with anything. Just built it out of boards.
Good luck with yours, I'd love to see pics when you get it finished.
Thanks for stopping by. :)