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Monday, March 3, 2014

Tatonka Dusted Pork Chops and Smoky Greens

Winters been keeping me from very much outdoor cookin' but I had the chance to sneak out to the grill the other night for a quick, easy meal.

I gave the pork chops the tenderquick treatment (quick cured for 1 hour), rinsed, drizzled with oil and seasoned them with Tatonka Dust.

While the chops grilled I whipped up a cucumber, tomato, onion salad from a recipe that talented cook GMDGeek provided (thanks again)... and let it chill..

Started my greens. A mixture of collards, turnip and mustard greens. Cooked some bacon...

removed the bacon and added minced onions, garlic, red pepper flakes, chicken stock, salt pepper, the greens. Then scooched the chops over and placed the skillet into the cooker and closed the lid

while the chops and greens hung out in the grill I fried some green tomatoes from my canned green tomatoes.  Seasoned, dredged in flour, dipped in egg/milk bath and a coating of panko. Then fried til golden...

The greens cooked down nicely and took on a bit of the smoky flavor from the cooker.

The Tatonka Dusted chop, fried green tomatoes, smoky greens topped with crisp bacon, and the cucumber salad...

Loved the chops... loved the whole meal. lol 

I usually don't add rubs after using a quick cure on chops for fear of adding extra salt. In this case it worked out great! The Tatonka Dust was a nice addition... very tasty! I will make them again for sure. :)

The temperatures have been brutal here, like everywhere else. Dipped down to -5 last night. Great night for me to fall asleep on the couch with no blanket, lol  I'm still thawing out this morning. :)

Hope everybody stays warm and healthy!


Jim Dorchak said...

I see you have the same affection for thick chops as I do. I just refuse to buy or make those thin chops that you see in the stores. They instantly dry out and are quickly overcooked into shoe leather. I always have the thick ones cut for me.
The cucumber salad looks tasty with the onions and tomatoes.
BTW; here in the south of Chile we have fresh salmon available and I have smoked some with great results. Every time I see your home page I think I need to go get some more fresh salmon.
Thanks for the great eats and ideas.

LindaG said...

You can even make things I don't like sound good. ;-)
Have a wonderful week!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

That sure does seem cold for Oklahoma hey Jeanie? Man. I took a little road trip recently. Went down to Vegas and slowly worked our way up the west coast for a bit and then home. The weather was pretty darned nice for the whole trip. Except maybe alittle snow in the mountains in Montana. Nothing we were not used to though. You may have to venture a little to West Jeanie. lol. Hey, as usuall the vittles are looking pretty tastey.

cowgirl said...

Jim I don't understand thin chops either. Maybe I just don't know the correct way to cook them. The Mexican stores here have thin sliced beef too.
I bet the fresh salmon in your area is delicious! Would be so nice to have it available. Thanks Jim! :)

cowgirl said...

lol Linda that's the best compliment I've heard, thanks so much! Hope all is going well for you. :)

cowgirl said...

Wow Mark your trip sounds great! Isn't this your first time to see the ocean? I bet it was a lot of fun. So glad to hear you were able to twist off and take a break. :)
The temperatures have been pretty cold lately.. got some snow today.
Good to see ya, hope you post pics of your adventure. :)

Jim Dorchak said...

I bought 6 salmon fillets for $2.50 a pound. They are eqch about 2 pounds to 3 pounds. I plan to smoke two tomorrow.

cowgirl said...

Jim that's an outrageous price. lol Love it! I bet your smoked salmon was wonderful. :)