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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pulled Pork Rellenos

I know I make these a lot, but I like them. They're good stuffed with smoked chicken or beef cheeks too.

Injected and sprinkled a pork butt with Big Poppa's Money rub and Tatonka Dust..

into the Big Poppa Smoker drum...

this was supper the first night... me, the pulled pork, a couple of bottles of sauce and plenty of napkins.
Wanted to try the sauces sent from a kind friend. (thank you :))

I really enjoyed the meal and loved both sauces. :)

With some of the pulled pork I made rellenos...
pulled pork, minced onions, peppers, asadero cheese, sprinkled heavily with Big Poppa's Money rub and Tatonka Dust..

I blistered, peeled and seeded some anaheims (they are my favorite)
Stuffed them with the pulled pork mixture..
dusted with flour so the batter would stick better...

whipped egg whites, added flour and then beaten yolks...
whip  8 egg whites, fold in 8 TBS flour then fold in the 8 beaten egg yolks.


fried in hot oil. I like to either dip the bottoms of the peppers in the batter and lay in the hot oil OR spoon a pillow of batter into the pan and lay the peppers on top. Then spoon more batter over the top. This is a lot easier than dipping the whole pepper when they are stuffed. Also no need to use toothpicks with this method.
Spoon hot oil over the tops of the peppers to "set" the batter before turning them over. 



Served with a bit of sauce..
I made sauce by cooking minced onions and garlic in oil until tender. Added 1 teaspoon of oregano. Salt and pepper to taste. Then added 2 cups of chicken stock and 1 cup of tomato sauce, then simmering 10 minutes.

It's a thin sauce but if you like it thicker you can add cornstarch.

I love these things! :)  This is the first time I 've seasoned the stuffing with BPS Money and Tatonka Dust. They added a LOT of flavor. Hope to do this again soon.
I've used the pork for pizza and breakfast (corncakes). It's nice to have the smoked meat on hand. :)


Smoking Gun said...

Jeanie, I can't believe it. I'm gone for a little bit and your Blog stardom goes to your head. What is this, a grate with your name on it? Girl you got so many smokers/cookers you must have built a new outbuilding just to store em all. lol Well anyway, it's good to see you're still making wonderful grub and torturing us with the pics. Is that any way to treat a neighbor? Love ya girl, miss you and the gang.
Smoking Gun. :)

Charles Rinehart said...

I find it fascinating that you do not use your real name here. Plus you don't give any credit to the BBQ sauces that people took the time to mail to you. Am I wrong to point these things out?

cowgirl said...

lol Hey SG! Good to see ya! :)
Isn't that custom grate awesome? Matt at Meyer Metal Works made it a few years ago. It's heavy duty and I just love it. He designed it from one of my "sittin' by the campfire" pics.
Would love to have a reunion with you and the others. I talk to Motorhead once in a blue moon. He's still driving the truck.

Love ya neighbor, it's great to see you. :)

cowgirl said...

lol well Charles, I hope you're not losing sleep over it! My name is plastered all over my blog but being your first time here, you probably didn't know that.
Unfortunately/fortunately...(goes both ways) "Cowgirl Jeanie" is more known than my full name. Doesn't bother me in the least.

Also, when a friend asks not to post their name, I honor their wishes. The sauce in this post was really tasty. The friend who took the time to send it has been thanked and repayed with sauces from me. I plan on getting more of this stuff when this runs out!

I see you found my blog through the top 10 list. Hope you took the time to stop by and leave messages for the other sites.

Have a great weekend!

Charles Rinehart said...

No not losing sleep Jeanie. Just curious by many things. I must have missed your name. I only saw 'Posted by cowgirl' at the end of the post I read. Also the reason I asked about the sauce is I sell seasoning that makes BBQ sauce, and I'm always looking for more exposure for my product. So I just found it unusual that a maker of sauce wouldn't want to be publicized. Thanks for answering my questions. I appreciate it. Great work you have here.

cowgirl said...

Charles thank you for the reply. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how leaving "Bob" or "Joe" or "Karen's" name in my post as the gift giver would make it more interesting. lol
I do try products from manufacturers from time to time and leave an honest opinion. If I like the product I say so, If not I will not promote it.
Again, thank you Charles for stopping by. It's nice to meet you. :)

Smoking Gun said...

Girl, that custom grate looks awesome. Unfortunately (for me, not u) there is a huge hunk of meat covering a big portion of the design. ;)...
How is Ol Motorhedd doing? Haven't talked to him in ages. If u talk to him tell him he still owes me a
I seem to be seeing a LOT of things here cooked woth Tatonka dust? I know if you're using it that much it must be good. What's the skinny on the Tatonka?

I've been using some "smack ya mama" in my seasoned flour when chicken frying different things. Have you tried it? wow.....that got a lil long.... guess i need to get back on a message board... ;)

cowgirl said...

Hey SG! :)
There is a post somewhere around here showing the whole grate. I just love the thing. :)
I need to contact MH and check up on him. Last time I talked to him he was good.
lol I'll tell him he still owes ya.
I really like the Tatonka Dust. That and the Big Poppa Smoker rubs. Use the heck out of them.
Tatonka Dust is make by MossyMo (Marty) and Tatonka (Tanya...Mrs Marty).
They are really doing well with their products.
Hope you give em a try.
I've not tried smack ya mama, will check it out, thanks!
Good hearing from you SG, you need to slow down so I can visit with you sometime. :)
Thanks again....

Chris said...

I know what I want to eat this weekend!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Chris! :)
Hope you have a great weekend!