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Friday, January 3, 2014

Did it again!

Made the same ole New Years Day meal that I made last year...Jalapeno cornbread stuffed pork chops, Hoppin' John and greens.

Quick cured the chops with Tenderquick for 2 hours...

Baked some jalapeno cornbread while the chops cured...

Made a stuffing using jalapeno cornbread, melted butter and chicken stock... didn't measure, just made it pretty moist.

rinsed the chops and stuffed them...the cure adds salt so I just seasoned with pepper.

into the BPS drum...

made Hoppin' John... fried some bacon, cooked onions and peppers in the drippings. Added chicken stock, rice, black eyed peas, a few pinches of thyme, marjoram and oregano.

then let the pot hang out in the drum too..

when the rice absorbed the stock I gave it a stir.

Cooked the chops until the internal temperature of the stuffing reached 165F. The quick cure keeps the pork moist at this high of a temp.

Topped the Hoppin' John with crisp bacon and fresh parsley...

It was kinda tasty!

Now that I think about it, not sure if this meal brought me good luck in 2013.
Then on the other hand... maybe my first air ambulance ride would have been a lot worse without the meal. lol

I might try to think up something different next New Years Day. :)


rem700longunner said...

That looks awesome. I will be trying that recipe~

LindaG said...

It looks really good!
I forgot we were supposed to eat black-eyed peas. Oops.
We don't really like them, but I would have eaten a spoonful. Oh well. ;-)

And you're right. Who knows how your year would have gone without your lucky meal?

Have a blessed New Year! ♥

cowgirl said...

Thank you rem700longunner! Hope you have a great 2014. :)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Linda! I seem to like blackeyed peas when they are mixed in with other things. :)
Hope you have a blessed new year! :)

Three Dogs BBQ said...

You can't break New Years tradition Jeanie. Around here, it is pork, sauerkraut, and a New Years Pretzel (think Easter bread without the candied fruit). Are you willing to risk the consequences? ;)

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Im pretty sure I would take a chance on that feast Jeanie. Im not sure what put you in an air ambulance, but I cant really see it being that meal. Looks pretty darn good from way up here in snow drenched Canada. I guess maybe I'll have to do some looking back in time and try to figure out what happened to you. I hope you had a tremendously good Christmas and New Year Jeanie.

Sid said...

Saw the title to this post and immediately thought, Lord what did she break now! Good to see it was just a tasty lookin' pork chop.:) I'll have to give the Hoppin' John a try. Grew up eating the peas so i'm thinking it looks pretty good.

cowgirl said...

Bill that sounds tasty! I love kraut. Maybe I should switch to your menu next year. lol Thanks!

cowgirl said...

Hey Mark, I think you left the door open. lol It's cold down here!
Just got the bill for my plane ride. They want $35,780.00 for the one hour flight.
Will be interesting to see how much my insurance pays. :/
I'll have to fill you in on the details.
Hope you had a great Christmas Mark and hope 2014 treats you well!

cowgirl said...

lol Chris, I'm being careful! :)
You probably have some great blackeyed pea recipes. If you ever get the time, I'd be interested in one or two.
Hoppin' John is one of my favorites. Sometimes I use cooked pintos but I think the peas are more traditional.
Thanks for stopping by Chris. Hope you're not getting any of this cold weather. :)

Lars Pjokken said...

Looks fine! Just made my first cornbread last week in the shape of muffins. Came out good. Wish you a great 2014!

Mrs. JP said...

I'm not sure if you're familiar with an old show that used to be on TV called HeeHaw...Granpa would hang out this fake window and tell everyone "what's for supper?" and then the audience would yell...Yummmm,,,Yummm!

Well,,,Yummmm Yummmmm.. not that you look anything like Granpa,,it's not that...hehe,,it's the food that sounds so good
happy new year

cowgirl said...

Thank you Lars, it's good to see you! I bet your cornbread was tasty, I will look for pictures if you posted any.
Hope you have a great 2014 too! :)

cowgirl said...

lol Mrs JP, thanks for the laugh!!
Happy 2014 to you too. :)

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Whoa. You know, there really should be a law about how much they can charge for something like that. You would really think someone should feel a little bit of guilt about that plane ride cost. I really hope your insurance comes through for you. I would imagine they probably have a lot of stipulations and probably try to get out of paying as much as they can too. Good luck with all that Jeanie. That kinda caught me off guard.

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mark, I agree with you. There should be a law against this. Not sure how much the insurance will pay but it doesn't look good.
Think I might be better off dropping my insurance and paying the penalty for not having any. :(

Thanks for the good luck wishes Mark, think I'm gonna need it.
Hope all is well with you!! Keep warm. :)