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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Dinner!

Today's Easter dinner is going to be Chinese take out!  Not just any Chinese take out, it's leftover Chinese take out. lol

I plan on spending Easter outside enjoying the beautiful day. :)

Happy Easter friends!


LindaG said...

Happy Easter to you, all, too!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Nothing wrong with that Jeanie. Hope you had a real good one.

Connie said...

Every good cook needs a break now and again :) I know that you are a follower of my husbands blog. He is having a great give-a-way, come visit . . . I have a fast link to his blog, come put your name in the hat :)
Your blogging sister, Connie

cowgirl said...

Thank you Linda! Hope you had a great Easter too. :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mark! Hope your Easter was great too.
I've had my head buried in tax papers for the last few weeks.. I'm ready for camping. :)

cowgirl said...

Connie thank you so much! I am looking forward to seeing your progress on the Gypsy Rose..she is so beautiful.
Hope you have a great weeekend! :)