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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big Poppa's "Money" and the Reader's Choice Best BBQ Rub Contest

Update...Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote!! Looks like the poll is closed now, should find out who the winner is in a few days.
I appreciate your help on this!!  :)

Smokin' Pal  Big Poppa, from Big Poppa Smokers, has an award winning dry rub called "Money" that is in the running for the 2013 Best BBQ Rub on the site!

I've had the pleasure of knowing Big Poppa (Sterling Ball) for the last few years and am amazed at his kindness, generosity and his consistency in developing killer BBQ dry rubs.
I love his Little Louie's dry rubs and didn't think he could top those, but he did.

Big Poppa's "Money" was the rub used to win the 2012 American Royal Invitational, 2012 Sam's Club Invitational, the 2012 Jack Daniel's World Championship and many other competition cooks across the U.S. (Canada too).
I know this sounds like a commercial for dry rub but it's not... I would love it if you helped me give the "Money" a shot at winning this competition though. It deserves the recognition.
If you get a minute, please click on the link  and vote for Big Poppa Smoker's Money Rub.

Thanks for taking the time!

Not sure if you will ever see this BP, but good luck.


Sterling Ball said...

thank you darlin!

Sterling Ball said...

thanks so much Jeanie!

cowgirl said...

You're sure welcome Sterling! I'm not sure how they picked just one of your dry rubs to be in the running, they're all great!
Good luck to you. :)

MADZ said...

Yee-haw! Cowgirl,do you have a horse?

cowgirl said...

Yee-haw MADZ! I have three! :)

Dave L said...

Anything that wins championships I'm looking forward to trying, however, I'm not all to excited about the "Money" rub using what is essentially a MSG alternative (disodium inosinate and guanylate).

Oh well, I guess you need to doctor up rubs these days to get the judges attention.

cowgirl said...

I don't keep up with what's going on in competition cooking but from what I hear the judges look for a variety of things...and each judge is different. Would be impossible to satisfy all of them.

I AM happy that someone has found a way to get around using MSG...that stuff gives me a pretty good headache at times.
My favorite chinese food place uses it but I still have to stop in there once a month to get my fix. lol