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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Dove Season

First hunt of the fall season. I took my .20 gauge..... bucket for carrying shells, birds and for sittin'.

I didn't bring many in this trip, but it didn't really matter.
I enjoyed the evening... :)

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Rob said...

A pleasant September evening, nice!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Rob! Good to see ya!
The weather has been pretty darned nice here lately. I can't concentrate on work. lol
Hope life is treatin' you well!

mcfoster said...

So how do you prepare you doves?
We returned from Brownsville with 60 doves, along with several collared doves and pigeons. My Cajun buddy suggested a dove gumbo which sounds interesting.

Oneeye said...

I miss your wonderful blog entries! Hope all is well.

cowgirl said...

Dang it Mcfoster. Sorry I didn't see your message til now! Congrats on the birds, that's nice shooting!
I imagine you've already made that gumbo. Sounds fantastic!!
Thanks for stopping by. Hope 2019 treats you well!

cowgirl said...

Oneeye! Great to hear from you! :)
I've been on crutches since the end of October but am trying to get back on my feet. lol
Hope all is well with you! Good to see ya!