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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

30 Day Dry Aged KC Strip Steaks

After seeing a friend's great success with dry aging steaks, I had to give it a try.
I'm not affiliated with them at all but used the Umai Dry Age Bags  They are really simple to use.

My grocery store had KC strips and Ribeyes on sale awhile back. I picked up one of each.
The KC strip...

The Ribeye...

I transferred the slabs of meat into the Umai bags, then sealed with my vacuum sealer.

pressing out as much air as possible..

Placed both the KC Strip and the Ribeye into the fridge to age.  I have glass shelves in this fridge so I placed the meat onto wire racks and elevated the racks off the shelves with foil balls. The meat needs to have space around all sides to age properly..

The meat after one week. I checked to make sure the bag had adhered to the meat. It kind of attaches itself to the meat like skin..

The hard part is waiting!

I let the KC Strip age for 30 days, then removed the bag...

The outer layer of the meat is waxy. Looks like what I think mastodon meat would look like. :)

I cut the waxy layer off. You can cut as much off as you think you should.

After trimming, I cut the meat into 1 3/4" steaks...

Vac sealed for the freezer..

Had to try them out! The steaks are dark red, reminds me of venison.
Drizzled with oil, seasoned with cracked black pepper and kosher salt..

Also made some buttery, garlic potatoes...

sliced the tatoes thin, layered with slivers of onions, drizzled with garlic butter...

baked covered for 30 minutes, then uncovered til tender. Topped with more garlic butter, S&P, scallions and crisp bacon...

I love these things. :)

Back to the steak.

added scallions, same treatment as the steak. oil, S&P

Steak n tatoes..

I loved the steak, it was very tender and moist. Had a rich, beefy flavor. The dry age process made the meat more tender than I thought it would. I'll definitely do this again in the future.

The beginning weight on the KC Strip was 14.22lbs. After the 30 day dry age the meat had shrunk down to 11.13lbs.  After trimming I ended up with close to 10lbs of meat. I could have trimmed less but felt good with what I came out with.

I don't usually buy dry aged steaks in restaurants or at the store. (they are outrageously priced)  I'll be doing my own at home though. The outcome was a pleasant surprise.

I left the Ribeye in for 45 days. It's been trimmed, cut and tasted, I'll post pics of it soon.

Again, not affiliated with Umai, but will use these bags again.

Thanks for looking!


Unknown said...

Serendipity - I was just checking Umai out the other day, interested in making capicola out of pork shoulder.
Thanks for the post - looks delicious.

cowgirl said...

Steve, that's great! I hope the capicola turns out well for you. Keep me posted if you get the time.
These bags are really easy to use and the results are good so far.
Thanks Steve, hope you have a great weekend! :)

Mrs. JP said...

Those look great cowgirl. I should do a posting on JP's curing box he made out of a refrigerator. He did a great job and his first project was some chorizo to die for. Reading the capicola comment made me think of it 😃

cowgirl said...

Mrs JP That would be great! I'd love to see JP's curing set up. Bet the chorizo is fantastic! Thanks!