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Friday, December 4, 2015

Blackstone Griddle...A New Outdoor Cookin' Toy

I got this 36" Blackstone Griddle this summer. I had no idea how handy these things are, this was my first experience with a griddle this large. I have one of those little two burner griddles for in the house or on the two burner Browning cooker.
The Blackstone has 4 long burners, they make a two burner one too. It has been working out great for me.

I seasoned the griddle with bacon, sliced onions and lots of oil. After heating to high, I rub it down with oil and wipe off any excess. Pretty much like seasoning my cast iron pots and pans.

Some breakfast...

started with bacon, then added onions...

added hashbrowns and a few sliced jalapenos..

scootched my onions over and sauteed some scallions in butter for the eggs...

scrambled a few eggs into the butter scallion mix....

added a few sunny side up eggs...

I love that you have so much heat control. I can turn the burners down low to keep the bacon warm or turn a burner off if needed.

I topped the scrambled eggs with a bit of smoked cheese...

Blackstone makes two sizes...this 36" and a two burner 28" model. I went with the bigger one and am happy that I did. I know the smaller one works great too. Sometimes I need the extra space.

The Blackstone cover is not water proof, just a heads up! I've got my griddle sitting in a little nook by the house. I plan on moving it to a covered location.

This thing is fun to use!
I'm not affiliated with Blackstone in any way. Just read about the griddles and saw some amazing food being cooked on them. I couldn't resist.

They make a tasty breakfast!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. :)


Unknown said...

I love cooking on mine. I had to move it into my garage due to rusting. No problem since. Makes great burgers and a lot of them.

cowgirl said...

Patrick, aren't they nice! Great idea on putting your griddle in the garage. My garage/shop is too far away but I hope to make room for this one under the covered patio.
Yes the burgers are so tasty! I didn't know what I was missing out on. I've been making onion smash burgers ala Sid's Diner style from Yukon Oklahoma. They are becoming my favorites.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a nice weekend! :)

Errol Wayne said...

Have owned one for 3 years. We camp a lot with a group, sometimes as many as 30-40 friends. Great for frying a lot of bacon at a time. The griddle will probably last a life time, the burners and frame not so long.

snailears said...

I’ve had one for a number of years now and it is the best way to feed a hungry crowd. On issue I had was trying to get rid of the grease that accumulates when cooking large amounts of bacon or other greasy foods. The grease trough and cup are a bit small to handle a lot of grease at one time. I thought on it a bit and ended up welding the open end of the trough closed and attaching a short length of tube to the drain hole (which i opened up to a larger diameter). To this tube I clamp a length of high temp tubing, the end of which is routed through an appropriately sized hole in a 5 gallon bucket. Now there is very little mess to deal with at the end of a cook!

cowgirl said...

Errol Judy that sounds great! Very handy to have while camping with a lot of folks. I'll remember that! :)
Thank you for stopping by!

cowgirl said...

Snailears, it's nice to see you! :)
Your remedy for the grease disposal is outstanding! I will see if I can come up with something similar.
Right now I have a small pink champagne can hanging on the end of the drain (with a small piece of wire). This has helped control the drippings from blowing around.
I need something permanent. Your idea sounds perfect, thank you!
I have placed a couple of washers on the "feet" of the griddle top to level it. Also have made a metal wind shield on one end. The wind plays heck with the burner on the north end.
I just need to move the griddle to a covered area.
Thanks again for the great idea Snailears, I appreciate it.
Also, thanks for stopping by! :)

Chris said...

Fantastic breakfast, we do a lot of pancakes, bacon, and hash browns on ours. Happy Holidays!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Chris! I'm sure lovin' this griddle. Did't know how handy they would be.
Happy Holidays to you and family, thanks for stopping by!