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Monday, August 13, 2012

Mad Hunky Hot Whangs!

Talented friend Rich at Mad Hunky Meats so kindly sent some samples of his dry rubs and brine mixtures.  I have known Rich for a few years now and have to say, he is one of the most talented and knowledgeable Qers out there.
Rich has developed a line of products that anyone interested in backyard or competition cooking should check out!

Rich sent some Mad Hunky Basic Rub, a bag of Poultry Brine, some Mad Hunky Hot Whang rub, and an interesting looking sample of Mad Hunky Pork Brine.

I love wings and decided to give the Hot Whang rub a try first!

I did the pinky finger test to check out the heat level.  I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to really hot stuff. :)

Sprinkled the chicken wings with Hot Whang, then lit the Hasty Bake smoker..

Rich suggested spritzing with a mixture of half vinegar and half water while cooking...

I could barely stand the wait... They looked and smelled so good! :)

Rich also suggested covering the wings for a few minutes to let them rest....

Sorry Rich I couldn't do it, I dove right in....   I couldn't wait any longer! lol

I did sprinkle the wings with additional Whang Rub before serving. 

Served with ranch dipping sauce, that DIDN'T get used!  The Mad Hunky Hot Whangs were killer on their own. 

I love the Hot Whang rub.  Love the fact that they didn't burn my lips off but you still have the option of adding more of the rub if you like spicier wings. 

Thanks so much Rich! I'm looking forward to trying your Basic rub, Pork Brine and Poultry Brine next. :)


Ohiofarmgirl said...

officially my favorite blog post title EVER...and hey those wings look good too! whooot!

Mrs. JP said...

hey Cowgirl, we love us some wings here in the holler and those look Dynomite!

cowgirl said...

lol Ohiofarmgirl! Thanks! :)

panthers76 said...

Looking good Jeanie. What do you think the vinegar water mix did for the wings?

Thanks for sharing,


cowgirl said...

Hi Mrs JP! Nice to see you! Hope all is well in the holler. I bet you and Mr JP make some killer wings!
Thanks :)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Bill! I liked it...not sure how to describe the flavor. The Hot Whang rub was tasty by itself when I gave it the pinky finger test. I bet you could skip the vinegar or maybe do half and half to taste-test both ways.
Not much help am I! lol

They were really tasty wings. :)

Thanks again Bill!

Richtee said...

Thank Ya Jeanie...yer one of the best, and I could not have asked a better chef to test the Mad Hunky stuff out.

Looks like you got about he right amount for "whimpy" LOL! I rolled some in the stuff the other day...and almost hurt myself LOl!

The vinegar/water..adds to the "Whang!" ... and also helps distribute the thickning agent...which Jeanie din't see, because she din't foil. But that's gives a nice crust her way :{)

Rich.."The Mad Hunky"

Foods of the World said...


Rich know what he's doing, for sure!

Richtee said...

And OhioFarmGirl... you should know some Hunkys... Hungarians. That's where that comes from. And the WHANG!...the dry rub includes dry vinegar... for the "whang" effect, and sounds like "wing" too... sooo... LOL...

LindaG said...

They look amazing!

We just got our first smoker. Haven't even taken it out of the box yet, haha.
Too much work to do everywhere else; but when we do take it out, I'll be coming here for recipes!

Hope you all have a blessed week!

cowgirl said...

lol Thanks Rich!! I did go the "Whimpy" route but was really happy with the outcome! Love the Whang rub. :) Thanks again for letting me try it and Thanks for stopping by!

Brace yourself... (((HUGS))) :)

cowgirl said...

Foods of the World, Thanks! :)
I appreciate you stoppin' by too!

cowgirl said...

Linda that's great!! I know you're busy with the move. Can't wait to see what you smoke first. :)
If you get the chance.. give Rich's rub a try, it's mighty fine!

Thanks Linda.. :)

Big Dude said...

That's some good looking wings Jeanie - I'm heading over to check out his site.

cowgirl said...

Larry Thanks!! I really love this Whang rub. Have a few ideas running through my head on what I want to use it on next. :)

David said...

They sure look good, that second to last shot looks like something out of an Esther Williams movie!

cowgirl said...

Hahahaaa David... That's too funny! Thanks! :D