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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hickory Smoked Brisket on the Drum

I haven't had the time to smoke much lately but really wanted to try this dry rub sent by smoking friend Al Grady. So......I did something that I normally wouldn't do.....
Smoked the brisket in my drum overnight.

I'm not comfortable leaving an unattended smoker going through the night. Living in the middle of nowhere means if one spark happened to escape and take life.... acres and acres of land could burn before anyone would even see it to call for help.

I took as many precautions as I could...set the smoker on the cement patio, blocked it from any breeze that might arise.

I trimmed the brisket, sprinkled with Al's dry rub....

then placed the trimmed fat back on top of the brisket.

I smoked the brisket fat cap down in the drum to protect the underside of the meat from overcooking..

The next morning

The brisket turned out perfect. :)

The meat was so juicy and tender...
I loved Al's dry rub too!

I didn't sleep well that night from worrying about the cooker... but all turned out well. :)
Al, if you see this...Thanks again for the was great!

forgot to mention... I'm having fun adding my name to my photos. lol


Old Smoke said...

Living in the country and having an unattended fire, is a spooky thing. BUT.... The brisket looks really good.
Just sayin' if ya did a cookbook it would save having to ID all of the photos. LOL

cowgirl said...

Haha Rick! I think you might be onto something. I could print a couple of cookbooks and use them to prop open my north and south windows for a nice cool breeze in the summer. lol

Thanks Rick! :)

Unknown said...

I never sleep good whenever I do the overnight brisket thing either. Just have to relax and let the magic happen. Great looking brisket!

Mrs. JP said...

I know what you mean about leaving the smoker going all night. If a spark catches there is no way a fire dept. could make it to where we live. But that's also one of the things I like about living in the holler - being away.
By the way, we'd be down for one of those cookbooks and not for propping a window open.
Happy, healthy and blessed New YEar to you.

LindaG said...

It looks fantastic!

By drum do you mean your grill? I know lots of people use a 55 gallon drum for a grill, but I am clueless.

cowgirl said...

Me too Kirk! I make sure every ember is out before going inside at night.. this went against the grain for me...
It turned out well but I'm not sure if I'll do it again. lol
Thanks Kirk!

cowgirl said...

Exactly Mrs JP! That's the way it is here too. :) Someone could toss a cigarette butt from their car window while traveling down the highway... and destroy a farm house 5 miles away without knowing it.
Grass fires are scary.

If I get this cookbook put together I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks Mrs JP.. hope you and family have a wonderful 2011 too!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Linda! I use the barrel smoker pictured under my smokehouse at the top right of the page.
I really love that drum, it puts out some good eats. :)

Drew @ How To Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

I need to get a smoker so I can stop being irrationally jealous every time I come here.

You know, if you're serious about doing the cookbook I'd be happy to put it together for you. Email me and let me know.

And by the way, I wouldn't call adding-my-name-to-photos "fun".

cowgirl said...

lol Thanks Drew! How about building a barrel smoker? I'd help ya!
Thanks about the offer of help on the cookbook. I want to put one together...just trying to figure out where to start.

You're right.. adding names to photos is starting to be not-so-much-fun now. :)

Drew @ How To Cook Like Your Grandmother said...

I assume you use Windows? Install ImageMagick: I've got a script (written for Linux, but I could probably make it work for Windows) that automatically adds my watermark on a whole directory full of images. Now when I'm done processing everything, I just run the script and I'm done.

As for the book, email me and we'll talk.

LindaG said...

Okay. Thanks, Cowgirl. And I see you have a post for how to build one, so I will be reading that (and giving the link to my hubby so hopefully he will build one for me.)

Have you ever thought of starting the brisket in the morning when you get up so it will be ready for dinner? Then you won't have to worry about doing it at night. :-)

cowgirl said...

I usually do start the briskets in the morning and let them smoke slow all day... just haven't been home much for the last couple of weeks so I did this one during the night.
Things will slow down now and I'll be home more. Maybe I'll have a chance to do more cooking. :)

I bet you could put one of these drum smokers together welding involved. Just drill holes and insert bolts to hold the grates.
They are easy to make and work great!
Thanks Linda. :)

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

That brisket looks pretty darned tastey Jeanie. I still hav'nt had brisket, but it is on my list of things to do. That's a pretty good idea to put your name on your photos. It could keep you busy for awhile though.

cowgirl said...

Drew Thanks for the info! I will e-mail you in the near future.. thanks!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Mark! I wonder if they carry briskets in the grocery stores in your area. You really need to try one sometime. :)
I'm not happy with the fact that I need to put my name on my stuff but I guess it's got to be done now.
Hope they aren't using your pics too.
Thanks again Mark..