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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adam Perry Lang's BBQ 25

A very nice lady named Jessica was kind enough to send a copy of Adam Perry Lang's BBQ 25 cookbook for me to check out. I want to thank Jessica... I am enjoying the book!

The book arrived a day or two before I was to take off on my camping trip... so I didn't get a good chance to read through it.
As I headed out the door for my campout, I grabbed the book and took it with me..... :)

For those not familiar with Mr Lang...
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Adam Perry Lang graduated with distinction from the Culinary Institute of America and cooked at Daniel, Le Cirque, and Restaurant Guy Savoy. Tossing his pursuit of stars for pursuit of flavor, Adam became a pioneer in urban barbecue and opened a “rib shack”, the nationally acclaimed Daisy May’s BBQ U.S.A in New York City. Adam also left the bright lights of New York City kitchens for the competition barbecue circuit and has taken the prizes of Grand Champion honors at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa and a First Place victory for his Pork Shoulder at the Kansas City American Royal a.k.a. "The World Series of BBQ". He also serves as meat maestro at Mario Batali’s Las Vegas Italian steakhouse, Carnevino, and is currently partnering with Jamie Oliver in Barbecoa, a restaurant scheduled to open in London in October 2010.

As Jamie Oliver wrote in the forward...

"The beauty of this book is that it is simple. Even though Adam knows every last technical detail about barbecuing and meat, he gets straight to the point. The 25 recipes he's giving you are his top barbecure recipes---things you'll make again and again for the rest of your life because they are that good. He is also sharing all sorts of hints and tips to help you achieve some of the best barbecue cooking you've ever had. "

My thoughts on the book....

To be honest, at first glance (due to the detail)..I thought this was a BBQ cookbook for beginners...

The recipes are very detailed, from the list of what tools that will be required, the techniques used in each recipe, the list of ingredients needed, preparation to cooking covers everything!

Upon further inspection, I am in complete agreement with Jamie Oliver... the book is simple and straight forward... which is a great!

It's not a beginners cookbook at all, it's a NO FAIL cookbook....and the recipes are killer! :)

After reading over the recipes, techniques and methods I am convinced this book is for EVERYONE from beginners to old pros..

We all have our favorite Q recipes we fall back on and make over and over for family and friends. These 25 recipes are Mr Lang's go-to recipes, developed over years of trial and error.

These are the basic Q meats that we all seem to fall back on 95 percent of time.. Steaks, hamburgers, briskets, ribs, fish, pork chops, chicken, even hotdogs and sausages..... but these recipes are kicked up a notch..

The marinades, brines and seasonings make these every day Q dishes special... I've grilled enough to know that the flavor combinations Mr Lang uses will definately produce great tasting results.

If you cook anything like me.. I fall back on the same Q dishes again and again.. my friends never complain. lol ....(They are so nice). I'm looking forward to trying Mr Lang's recipes...
Hope they become some of my "go-tos" too.

Thank you again Jessica, I can't wait to try these recipes..

A big Thank You to Adam Perry Lang for sharing your great looking Q's with us!


Mrs. JP said...

Yep, that's what you want in a cookbook, detail and sure fired success!

cowgirl said...

lol Me too Mrs JP! I forgot to mention the second feature I need in a cookbook..(which this one has)... the pages are wipeable! I'm a messy cook so pages I can wipe off are a bonus. lol

Thanks Mrs JP.. :)

Anonymous said...

well when can we see a cowpattie cookbook.... lol . hey do you realy like your new grill that much and what did it cost? last but not least i'm sorry to report we have oil in pensacola bay and perdido key. :-((( Buddy.

cowgirl said...

lol Buddy! How have you been?
I got a great deal on the cooker... it was too good to pass up. :)
Sorry to hear about the oil... what a mess. Hope they are able to find a solution soon.

JP said...

I think I'm going to need a copy of this book!

I'm sure you will let us know how the recipes turn out for you. Thanks for the info on the book!

cowgirl said...

Hi JP, thanks!
I have not had the chance to try the recipes but a friend did make the pork chops and said they turned out wonderful.
I'm hoping to master some of these recipes so I can use them over and over.
If you get the book and try a recipe, please let me know how you like it!
Thanks JP! :)