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Monday, October 26, 2009

Checking the cows

It was cold and rainy here this weekend.
Looks like winter is on it's way.

All's well in my little world. :)


Big Dude said...

The ole bull looks to be standing guard over his flock.

cowgirl said...

:) He's a pretty sweet fella Big Dude. I'm glad he is an easy keeper. :)

Rothe Homestead Farm said...

Real nice lookin animals Jeanie....glad ta hear everything's well out your way!!


cowgirl said...

Hey Gene! How have you been? Hope all is well at your farm too. Good to see you. :)

Chris said...

So, inquiring minds want to know....WHEN DO the cows come home? (Old saying,"out until the cows come home")

cowgirl said...

lol Chris, they really do come home at a certain time.
Not mine.. I have beef cattle...but milk cows that are out on pasture for the night will head to the barn to be milked at daybreak, (or earlier).
I've got a friend with a dairy farm and
I HAVE partied til the cows came home. The sky is starting to get light, the sun isn't up yet and you can see a long line of milk cows coming home to the barn to get milked. lol

Paul Hallmark said...

Looks very nice Jeanie, thank you for the view. :)

cowgirl said...

Paul.....Thank you!! :)

David McGuire said...

Wasn't any better here up NE of ya either. Friday night right as I was coming in at sunset it quit raining and went back to drizzle. About 30 minutes later while I was waiting on my wife to finish laying the food out I was watching a heifer along the fence line. Then right in front of me she snapped the 2 middle wires. Back in the wet clothes and tools I went, just as I got out the door, the down pour started all over. Right as I finished and went back in, nothing, not even drizzle. Gonna be one of them winters, yup.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Winter has already been tormenting us here in SD.

Glad to see that someone else still has a bull in the pasture. Ours just got pulled about 2 weeks ago. The weather just wouldn't cooperate so we could get them sooner.

How many cows do you have?

cowgirl said...

lol David, sounds like you have great luck. Sometimes I think the animals know when you've taken off your boots and are getting ready to relax for the night. Seems like that's when all hell breaks loose. lol
Haven't visited with you for awhile, hope all is well in Kansas.

cowgirl said...

South Dakota Cowgirl, it sounds mighty cold in your area already! I'm sure not ready for it down here...but I guess I never am. lol
My herd size varies... my calves go to winter wheat pastures in the fall.

Hope all is well in SD!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Everybody looks pretty healthy and happy from where I was standing Jeanie. I've heard say that the blacks keep ya outta the red. Is that true Jeanie?

cowgirl said...

Hey Mark, I was just checking out your blog. Looks like you are doing great! I'm happy for ya!

The blacks do keep you out of the red. lol For some reason they are the "flavor of the year" cattle.
Next year it might be red angus. :)

Good to see you Mark!