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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Smoked Chuck Pie

I know I make these too often but it's one of my favorite ways to use leftover smoked meat. :)
This time I used smoked chuck roast for the filling.

I used some Kenny's dry rub and put two chucks in the drum at about 275F with a bit of hickory...

I let the chucks catch some smoke for a couple of hours, then added beef stock, onions, peppers and garlic. Covered with foil and let er go til tender.

I love smoked chuck, it's so tender!

That night I had smoked chuck on a simple slice of white bread, covered with gravy made from the drippin's. Smooshed tatoes and fresh tomatoes with cucs...
It was a comfort meal. :)

Made a hashbrown crust in the cast iron skillet...

Gave it a good seasoning of SuckleBuster's Hoochie Mama...

Filled with smoked chuck, scallions, peppers, a bit of cheese...

Topped with the bacon lattice and sprinkled with more Hoochie Mama ...

Into the drum with a small bit of hickory. Smoked at 300-325F til heated through and the bacon was crisp.

Cut me a big ole slice... :)

The hashbrown crust, smoked chuck, onions, peppers and crisp bacon pie.
I thought about going the BBQ route and topping the thing with Q sauce...

then decided to slap an egg on top and call it breakfast. :)

I liked this better than going the Q sauce route. It was pretty tasty....but then... I like almost anything with an egg on top. :)

I used the rest of the smoked chuck on some fry bread. Will post pics of that soon.

Deer season is still going on here. I have some venison for the winter and hope to bring in one more.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and nice week. Can't believe December is here!

Thanks for stopping by. :)

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