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Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's that time of the year....

...when the landscape of western Oklahoma looks like the dark side of the moon! Also, time to sell any remaining calves before the end of the year.

One of the things I'm not fond of about this area is winter. The weather can be harsh and everything turns brown and drab. I remind myself that it could be a lot worse!! :)

The critters are doing well this year. Had a nice wet summer and plenty of green grass.

The bull isn't concerned about what's going on. He's just checking to see if I brought him a treat. Looks like he's been in the mud.

Same with the horses... just looking for a treat or soft words and a scruffing. :)

The momma cows are more concerned with their calves than anything else...

Separating them can be a chore...
it's one of the unpleasant tasks of raising animals.

They've got their winter coats on....and a few cockelburs.

Loading the stock trailer can get interesting. You usually have  one good shot. If they don't go in on the first try, it's he** getting them to try it a second time.  :/

Saying bye to those left behind....

These went to the sale barn where they were auctioned off....

Waiting in line at the sale barn.
After the calves are unloaded from the white stock trailer in the pen, they pull forward and I'm next in line to do the same.

Can't believe December is half over! The way things are going, winter should fly by in no time. :)

I didn't get all of my summer projects finished. My new deck is 95% done, it's usable. I'm working on another small gas cooker. Should be a good winter project.

Hope everyone is keeping safe, warm and dry.

Thanks for stopping by. :)


Tango Joe said...

It looks like you are getting all ready for the winter there.
I hear you about the summer projects, got a few almost done. The weather has been strangely nice here lately and progress has been made before the real winter settles in.
Looking forward to seeing the new, small gas cooker.
Have a wonderful Christmas.

cowgirl said...

Great that you're having a nice winter so far Joe! I imagine your area gets quite a bit of snow compared to here.
Great that you're making progress too. Some days I think I'm spinnin' my wheels but that's better than going backwards. :D
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Joe!!
(((HUGS))) :)