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Monday, November 30, 2015

Home Canned Brisket Burger

Came across a pretty good deal on briskets recently and couldn't resist bringing a few home. I made Guam style brisket with one, corned beef with another, pastrami, and burger with this one.

Canning burger is one of the easiest meats to pressure can. If done correctly, the jars of meat can be shelf stable for 5 years. As with any canning, use your own judgement and common sense. I don't recommend following any blog or internet recipes. Use safe, trusted methods from the USDA or the instruction booklet that came with your pressure canner. Keep safe. :)

I cut the brisket into cubes and removed most of the fat....

The fat left in the cubed brisket was enough to make the burger about 85/15. I was ok with it. :)

I browned the burger but left it on the "pink" side. Also salted the meat a bit and drained the fat off.

filled hot sterilized pint jars with the burger, leaving 1" of head space...

I filled the jars with beef stock...still leaving the 1" head space...
Then used a knife to remove any air bubbles from the jar.

I  use a cloth dipped in white vinegar to wipe the tops of the jars, removing fat, or anything that will prevent the jars from sealing.

Topped with hot lids and placed the jars of burger into the pressure canner.

For my area, I process the jars for 90 minutes at 12lbs of pressure. Check your canner instruction book for times and pressure in your area.

After 90 minutes, let the jars sit overnight before washing, checking seals and storing...

This was the first meal I made with the burger...wanted to give it a taste test.

I added a jar of meat to some simmering pasta sauce...

Topped some angel hair pasta...

I love it. So quick, easy and handy to have in my food storage cellar.

I did can a couple of jars without beef stock. They worked out well too but I liked the added flavor of the beef stock. I tried not to break the burger up too much when browning. Larger chunks just look better....but the smaller chunks taste good too.

I've made several other dishes using the burger. Cheese/burger/salsa dip in the crock pot during deer season. A sort of hamburger helper... I don't make hamburger helper because I don't follow instructions that well. lol I dumped pasta, cheese sauce and burger in a skillet and it came out great.

This will be nice for quick sloppy joes or pizzas.  I'm thinking up more options.

Each pint jar holds about 1 pound of burger.

I'm happy with the way the brisket turned out and will be using it for burger again in the future.
If you give it a try, good luck!
Thanks for stopping by. :)


Chris said...

I've never thought about canning burger before, it seems so out of the ordinary. I need to give it a shot.

Tango Joe said...

Great way to make the best of decently priced brisket, now I need to find decently priced brisket.
Good tips on learning the correct way to can food, some internet sites are a little inadequate to say the least about food safety.

cowgirl said...

Chris I hope you have great luck with it. They are nice to have on hand and I like shelf stable food. Thanks! :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks Joe! These briskets were a buck ninety seven per pound. Cheaper than burger. :)
I haven't had any problems with the stuff I've canned, like you said, there are some "iffy" instructions out there. lol
Good luck with it!