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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mesquite Smoked Brisket on the UDS

I have been too busy to post or even get on the puter for the last few days....but I've still had time to cook. :)

 I was able to replenish my smoked brisket stash this week. It's nice to have on hand for quick meals. For beef, I like to keep the seasoning simple, coarse salt and cracked black pepper...


 into the drum smoker at 275 degrees F. Mesquite is pretty powerful stuff, it doesn't take much, just a small hunk. :)


The weather was clear when I started cooking but while standing in front of the house looking to the east at about 9 in the morning, this dark cloud formed above me. It was sooo pretty and ominous at the same time. I watched the cloud whipping around above me, thinking it might bring rain. As quick as the cloud formed, it zipped off to the east and the sky was clear. The cloud formed and disappeared in less than 20 minutes.


I brought the brisket up to an internal temperature of 185F. It took about 14hrs. I was happy to see the little drum do so well. It held a steady temp for hours and when it started cooling down at the end of the cook, I opened all of the air intake holes and the temp shot back up to where I wanted it. (I really love my drum :))


I wrapped the brisket and added beef stock while it rested.


By the time it was ready, I was sooo hungry. I grabbed a fork and dove in. :)


First I made mesquite smoked brisket sliders...


then brisket burritos with black beans, rice and scallions..


rolled, fried crisp, topped with fresh pico and cheese...


It was pretty tasty at the time.


I divided and wrapped the rest of the brisket for future meals. Not sure what I will do with it all but it's nice to have in the freezer. :)


Rueben said...

You have succeeded in driving me crazy with this post.

Loved how you showed your smoking but then you just had to add those killer sliders and burritos. I hate to even talk about it, I'm so darn hungry right now.

What to eat??? Hahaha!!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

The brisket looks nummy. Jeanie if you're looking to clean out your freezer in the future and you're stumped as to what to do with things, just give me a call. I'll come down and give you a hand with that. I realize it might take a few days though, and you'll proabaly have to do most all the cooking, but I don't mind. Anything I can do to help Jeanie, I'll be happy.

cowgirl said...

hahaa Thanks Rueben! I think your festival pictures did the same thing to me! :)
Thanks for stopping by. :)

cowgirl said...

lol Thanks Mark, that's mighty kind of you to offer, I don't mind doing the cookin'. :)
If I remember have not tried brisket before. I think you would like it Mark. It's pretty good tasting beef.
I'd mail some to you if I could figure out how.
Thanks Mark! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms Jeanie,

There is just one word to describe this post WRONG! just plain WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I have to agree with Reuben about knowing how to drive a guy absolutely crazy, and I've still got 4 hrs to go until dinner. Those things look great, you have successfully torchered my brain and my taste buds. Keep it up girl, you're alright. Have a great day and I'll catch you later.

Chris G.

Chris said...

Totally jealous of your smoke ring, mine was anemic this weekend.

gwest77 said...

Dang Jeanie I'm going to have to come out your way just eat some of that great looking food you whip up.

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

Oh Sigh... I am going to have to give one a try soon. Brisket is my worst dish. Just can not seem to get one I am happy with. Now you and Chris (Nibble me This) both post brisket recipes and techniques... the beef gods are speaking to me


cowgirl said...

lol Chris! I'm glad you liked the brisket photos. I still have some leftovers in the freezer, not sure what I will make with them but it's nice to have some on hand.
Hope you got some of the rain that came through last night. :)
Also hope you have a great weekend. Thanks Chris. :)

cowgirl said...

Ha Chris! I bet your brisket was delicious! Everything you make looks killer.
Thanks! :)

cowgirl said...

:) Greg Thanks! I just got back from camping, haven't checked out the info you sent but will soon. Thanks again. :)

cowgirl said...

Dave thanks! I bet you can whip out a great smoked brisket. All of your cooks look outstanding.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a good weekend. :)

JazzCat said...

HoleySmokes Jeanie, looks like you're fixin' a plate of those sliders for me!
They Look GREAT!!

cowgirl said...

lol Thanks Jazzcat! If you lived closer I'd share. :)
Hope you are having a great weekend!

David said...

Looks great! That's what I'm making today for Father's Day!

cowgirl said...

Thanks David! I bet yours was tasty. Hope you had a nice Father's Day!

likeadeere said...

Jeanie, are you separating the point and the flat before you foil with beef broth? Or are you just wrapping the whole kittin-kaboodle? I've got a 11 lb packer that needs some attention, so I'm looking for some ideas.


cowgirl said...

Hi Joe! I do not separate them, I prefer to leave briskets whole. I think I'm one of those old school smokers, the less you do with a brisket the better I like it. :)

Hope you are having a great week so far! Thanks. :)