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Friday, November 18, 2011

Deer Season ...and Something For Women Hunters

First off, this isn't a picture of me... but it is a picture of the type of coveralls I wear when deer hunting in cold weather.
The picture is from the Carhartt site.

Opening day of deer rifle season is tomorrow and I wanted to pass this along to other women hunters, it might come in handy for you. Men, this post is for the women! :)

If you're like me and hunt in the middle of nowhere, there is a good chance you are not able to find a nice warm ladies room when nature calls. lol
I find it even worse when you have to take off your hunting vest, take off your jacket, and anything else your are wearing.......freezing BOTH your top and bottom during the "call of nature" process.

I've found a way to keep things a little bit warmer. :)
I have removed the stitching in the inside inseam of each leg of my coveralls and inserted long, leg length zippers. One on the inside of each leg.
I am able to unzip both legs and the coveralls almost form a nice floor length skirt or dress...thus keeping lower "moon" shots to a minimum. AND I do not have to remove a stitch of clothing from my top half. :)

Just thought it might come in handy for some of you.
Good luck with your hunting! :)


LB @ Bullets And Biscuits said...

I wear the same exact coveralls hunting! Man, why didn't I think about putting zippers in? All these years I've been feezing my tush off...literally. Thanks for the tip and idea!
Today is our last deer season before the next one in December opens so I am going to try to alter my bibs in the next two weeks. Thnaks again. This idea rocks!

Jim said...

Are you not afraid of scaring off the deer with the smell. That is a given here in SC. They smell hunan urin and are gone, gone, gone.

Jim Dorchak

cowgirl said...

Thanks LB, Hope the tip helps you. I know you can relate to this... it's no fun freezing both ends. lol
Good luck with your hunting too!

cowgirl said...

Yes Jim, you have to keep location and wind direction in mind. I also leave my lotions and perfume at home. :)

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

LOL! There goes my fantasy about seeing a 1/2 naked woman while out hunting.

Anonymous said...

Along the same lines, some hardcore women hikers and backpackers are starting to wear hiking skirts, designed to make things easier and keep the "mooning" situation to a minimum. Now there's a look for deer camp. : )

LindaG said...

Great idea. Thanks! :)

Rocco said...

you could also use velcro stripes instead of zippers

cowgirl said...

Ha! Sorry about that RO! :)

cowgirl said...

Kirby that's interesting! Thanks for the info. :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks Linda! Hope you had a nice weekend. :)

cowgirl said...

Hi Rocco!
Velcro might work. The area where I hunt has lots of brush, not sure if the velcro would be strong enough to hold together. It would be worth checking into though... Velcro is easy to work with.
Thanks for the idea! :)

Dave~ said...

Deer season, AND Thanksgiving...Girl, I can just imagine the smile you must have on your face this week! (Me Too!) Wish I could be there to share in the feast. Have a wonderfull week Jeanie, I'll be thinking of you!


cowgirl said...

Dave I have been keeping kinda busy the last few days. :)

Seems like Thanksgiving dinner is always last on my list when getting ready for deer season. I think I have enough "stuff" to russle up a meal.
Hope you and family have a wonderful week!!
Thanks Dave....