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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Crab Stuffed Salmon on the Grill

I'm still making this stuffed salmon every so often. It's one of my favorites!

I trim the skin-on salmon filet, remove the belly and thin tail. Just makes the rest of the salmon about the same thickness for even cooking.

I mix up the stuffing... crab meat, scallions, garlic powder, salt, a squeeze of lemon juice and lemon pepper to taste. Also added minced fresh parsley..

sliced a few lemons...

cut slits in the salmon without going through the skin...then put lemon slices and the crab stuffing into the cuts.
I drizzled the fish with oil and sprinkled with more lemon pepper and salt...

Onto the Hasty Bake grill.  I usually set the fish right onto the grate but used a grill pan this time...
dang it worked great! I should have used one of these before for this dish. It made moving the salmon on and off the grill SO much easier than how I used to do it. lol

I add the trimmings too. They cook fast and are great for snacking on while the salmon finishes cooking.

I watch for the juices to start rising on the fish...

when the salmon was almost ready, I added asparagus to the grill. Olive oil, kosher salt and cracked black pepper on the asparagus..

The salmon was ready in about 20 minutes. It really cooks fast!

I love this stuff!

I've made this with shrimp stuffing but the crab is my favorite. The addition of light smoke from the grill really adds a lot to salmon (in my opinion).  I need to make this more often!

Hope everyone is keeping warm. I hear there is bad weather in the east and north. It's been SO warm here... I've been out soaking up the sun the last few days. I need to take advantage of the warm weather while it's here.

Thanks for stopping by!


Kevin Frank said...

Where do you get most of your recipes from? Do you make them up?

cowgirl said...

Sorry for the late reply Kevin! Time is flying by here.
I make things up to suit my taste. One of the reasons I have trouble posting ingredient amounts... I guesstimate and add a pinch of this or that when cooking.
When I do post someone's recipe I add their name and give them credit.
Hope you have a great week, thanks for stopping by!