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Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Reverse Seared Tri Tip

I don't cook tri tips often, they aren't always available in my area, but my favorite way to "fix" one is to do a reverse sear on it. Smoke the tri tip for awhile before giving it a good high heat sear.
The Hasty Bake works great for this!

I drizzled the meat with olive oil then seasoned with a blend of Big Poppa's Secret Steak rub and some Afrika dry rub.

Onto the top shelf of the Hasty Bake with the hot coal rack lowered to the "smoke" setting.

I let the tri tip hang out on the top shelf, catching smoke for about 45 minutes...I keep an eye on it so it does not over cook.

Then I raise the hot coal rack to the highest position and place the meat on the lower cooking grate to get a good sear. Also added a few green onions (drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with coarse salt and cracked black pepper)

I love grilled onions...had to try a few, hot off the grill. I could eat them like popcorn. :)

I was shooting for medium rare so I pulled the meat off the heat at an internal temp of 135F.

Let the tri tip rest for about 20 minutes while I made a salad...

I don't cook these often enough. They come out really moist and tender if you cut them against the grain.  The addition of a quick smoke really adds a lot of flavor to the meat too. Just love em!

Deer season is going on here. It's been hard to find computer time but I hope to post more soon.
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


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Thanks Paul! :)

Chris said...

When Costco opened here a year ago, they had them all of the time. Then I guess that they realized that Knoxville is east of the Mississippi and they don't carry them as much any more.