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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cinderblock Pit, Bushel of Hatch Chiles and my Cookin' Rake

What else would a girl want on a pretty day. :)

It's Hatch Chile season around here. Hatch Chiles are grown in New Mexico and they are some mighty fine tasting buggers. I live close enough to NM that the grocery stores here carry the chiles and you can buy them by the bushel..... also have them roasted right at the store if you want.
I opted to roast my own.

You can get Hatch chiles as hot as you like. I am a wuss so I buy the mild ones. :)

Set up the block pit with a few coals...

Added some chiles once the coals were hot...

Let them roast til the skins blackened and blistered..

Gave them a good stir with the cookin' rake when needed to blister all sides..

Pulled the roasted chiles when ready, placed them in a pot to steam and added more chiles to the cinderblock pit..

After steaming, the chiles are easy to peel and seed.

I made a tasty green chile sauce with some of them...
I used a recipe by talented cooking friend Dr Trout Bum.

Grilled some cod next...I love cod and if there were any way I could raise them myself I would. :)

Heated a few tortillas...

A flaky cod taco topped with Hatch green chile sauce...

Looks like a lot of work but it was well worth it. lol

I froze some of the chiles and also some of the sauce. Hopefully will be good eatin' this winter. :)

btw.... That really is my cookin' rake.  I have others for hard labor. :)


Bushman said...

I love good chiles. Yesterday I took the rest of my pineapple tomatoes and made a beautiful yellow salsa. Turned out great. I'm waiting on the rest of my jalapenos to turn red so I can smoke them into chipotles.

Jim Dorchak said...

Are you still doing shrimp? I want to give it a go here in Chile.

Jim Dorchak

cowgirl said...

Bushman that sounds great! I bet your salsa is mighty tasty.
Your garden looked so nice this summer. You have a green thumb for sure!

cowgirl said...

Jim, good to see ya, How is everything in Chile?
Didn't do the shrimp this summer. The danged drought has been giving my pond heck. I just concentrated on keeping the livestock watered.

Jim Dorchak said...

Well spring is just coming in here in Chile so the rain is subsiding since we have 104" a year and 2/3 of that fall in the winter months (no snow or ice where I am but we can see the snow capped Andes and be skiing within an hour). We are now in the process of looking for land for a small farm for us and +/-3 other families, So we will see. They do a lot of salmon here so may be I will try that or trout.
I am still working on finding ingredients here in Chile but it is coming along. I got my cast iron out last week and have been cooking an outside storm.

cowgirl said...

Jim I bet it's beautiful down there! Must be interesting trying the new foods and spices too. Good luck with your farm search!

cjbstar said...

I have a pepper question, but not hatch peppers. Red, orange and green bell peppers are in season and super cheap. I heard that you can core them, cut into strips and freeze without doing anything else. Have you tried that? I would like to take advantage of the prices. My garden did not do so hot this year.

cowgirl said...

Yes I've done that! It works pretty well. Sometimes when I don't have time to make salsa, I cut the peppers and freeze them for later, then grind for my sauce.
Hope they work out well for you!
Sorry to hear your garden didn't do well. Was not a good year here too.
Thanks for stopping by! :)