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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pulled Pork Pie (again cause I love the stuff :))

This is still one of my favorite uses for leftover pulled pork.
I injected a pork shoulder with some kicked up beef stock, then seasoned with Tatonka Dust, Simply Marvelous and Big Poppa's Money rubs...

Into the Big Poppa drum until done..

I usually make the crust with sliced potatoes but went with shredded potatoes this time...

added some of the pulled pork, seasoned with more dry rub, minced onions and a few minced jalapenos..

Drizzled with some Thomas Q sauce... ( good stuff!)

Added smoked provolone cheese as a binder...

Topped with a bacon lattice and seasoned with more dry rub...

Into the Memphis Pro smoker until the pie was heated through and the bacon was crisp..

I liked the shredded tatoe crust on this one, worked out well.

I drizzled the slice of pulled pork pie with more Thomas sauce...

I really liked this version...will make it again!

Still having issues with Photobucket and blogger. I have tried three different browsers but the problems haven't been resolved.
I'm not a computer person, I spend my time outdoors. lol  I can tell you how to change the leathers on a windmill or how to pull a calf but when it comes to computers, I know zip!


Carlo Turchiano said...

That looks wonderful! I will definately be giving this a shot next week. I have a big cook this weekend and I'm sure there will be plenty leftovers! :)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Carlo!
Good luck with your cookout, sounds like fun. :)
Hope the pie works out well for you, thanks for stopping by!