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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

15lbs of Smoked Crab Legs in the Drum

This was an earlier cook... but not in 2005. lol  I was trying out a new camera and didn't set the date.

Smoked crab is one of my favorites and so easy to do!  The only crab legs available to me are frozen.

I thaw them out, then place them into the drum at 275F to 290F. Then just rotate them every once in awhile so everyone catches some smoke. They will dry out if left in the cooker too long so I remove them as soon as they are heated through.
They take about 30 minutes.

They are SO tasty with garlic butter.....and the light smoke gives them another level of goodness.

There were steaks involved in this cook but I didn't get any pics. I was in charge of the legs. :)


LindaG said...

They look fantastic!

Chris said...

This is one of our favorites too. If we are in a hurry, Alexis will just toss them in a steam pan on the gas grill but I prefer the smoke that a cooker adds to them.

cowgirl said...

Linda thank you! I enjoyed the video of your garden, tried to leave a message but blogger was acting up. I might sign in as anonymous to leave messages.
Hope you are having a nice week!

cowgirl said...

Chris, I love em smoked. Glad to hear you are a fan too! :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

I still haven't done this yet Jeanie. I will have to put this on the to do list. Perhaps some will make it into some Mac and cheese... Have a good weekend!

cowgirl said...

Bill your mac and cheese idea sounds delicious! Let me know if you make it please.
Hope you're havin' a good summer so far. Seems like time is flying by here!
Thank you Bill, good to see ya. :)