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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Went for a walk


A week and a half ago it snowed here... kind of late for this part of the country but it was nice to get some moisture.

I had the chance to take off for a day and check out my favorite mushroom hunting ground.

headed out and just followed some of the cattle/deer trails..

Didn't see any mushrooms, not sure if it's too early or just too dry right now.

It was pretty nice just getting out for a long walk. The air smelled so fresh. :)

I checked out my favorite little lake before coming home..

The water level was up which is good. Maybe the fish will be biting soon. :)


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

That's kind of weird that you would be getting snow this time of the year hey Jeanie. Or not, I guess I can remember a pretty good dump of snow on the May long weekend a couple different times up here just when I thought summer was just getting started. Nice to see you did get some precipitation though.

cowgirl said...

It is kind of odd for this area Mark. Most of the time the snow is finished by April.
With the snows you get, I bet your area is really pretty and green during the summer!
Your house is looking so nice. :) Great job on the floor and ceiling!
Thanks Mark, have a great Sunday!

LindaG said...

They're finding Morels in Missouri and Illinois, according to the blogs I follow. Not sure how that equates to your neck of the woods though!

Pretty country. Have a great day. :-)

Mrs. JP said...

that looks like a nice walk-a-bout you had, even if you didn't score some mushrooms I bet it was refreshing and relaxing after the winter we've all had.

cowgirl said...

Linda thanks for the info! I think the area here is too dry again. Hope you are having a great week! :)

cowgirl said...

Thank you Mrs JP! It was nice to get out and about. :)
Hope all is well with you in the holler! :)