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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


A quick and simple meal but it was pretty tasty. Used the Char-Broil gas grill. Seasoned the steaks with Big Poppa Smoker's Money Rub. Gave them a quick sear on the grill and called it good.

Sprinkled the tatoes with Big Poppa's Happy Endings....

The weather has been so danged cold here (and everywhere). I didn't feel like tending a fire so the gas grill really came in handy. Both the steaks and tatoes were pretty tasty.

I am looking forward to spring. Had some warm weather the last few days. Maybe there really will be an end to winter. :)
Hope everyone is keeping warm!


LindaG said...

Your dinner looks quite yummy! But your posts are always that way. :-)
Glad to hear you're enjoying the warm weather.

I'm hoping the ground hog was wrong. ;-)
Have wonderful evening!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Linda! Hope the weather has warmed up in your area. I agree with ya about the ground hog. :)
Have a great evening too! :)

Jim Dorchak said...

Yep the weather here in Chile is terrible too! The wife and I were driving with the sun roof open and I got a real nasty sun burn on my leg. (hee... heee) Summer here in Chile now and it is delightful. In the 80s during the day and down to the low 70s at night.

Jim Dorchak

cowgirl said...

Jim I wondered how you are doing. Sounds like you have it made. lol
Good to see ya!