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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dreaming about summer...

I know most of the country has been hit by snow and cold temperatures, it's been cold here too.

Can't stop thinking about warm weather, the garden, baby pigs, ducks,chicks and calves, camping and of course fishing.
To ease my spring fever I thawed out a few catfish filets caught during the summer at my favorite little lake. 

Didn't do anything fancy... tossed them in a mixture of cornmeal, flour, salt and cayenne pepper.

fried til crisp...

They tasted sooooo good...and took my mind off what's going on outside. :)

I do enjoy the snow though.  It will make for green pastures this spring. Reminds me... I need to gather my snowballs for the 4th, make a few snow angels and a BIG batch of snow ice cream before it's gone.  :)
Hope everyone else is making it through winter in good shape. :)


Steve Steppe said...

Mmmm, I can almost taste that catfish.
Keep bundled up!

LindaG said...

We're managing to stay warm. :-)
We had home made beef soup tonight.
I think I need some fried catfish though!
Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Bushman said...

I've been looking at garden pics and pics of people wearing shorts. The bug is beginning to set in!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Jeanie, I keep dreaming about summer, but i keep having nightmares about the winter!

cowgirl said...

Steve it's great to see you! Hope you are having a nice winter. Thanks for stopping by. :)

cowgirl said...

Linda your homemade beef soup sounds wonderful! I'd be happy to trade my catfish for a bowl. :)
Glad to hear you are keeping warm. Hope you have a great weekend! Thank you!! :)

cowgirl said...

:) Bushman I'm glad I'm not the only one! Got some seed catalogs in the mail. Makes me think spring is right around the corner. :)
Hope you're keeping warm!

cowgirl said...

lol Bill! Hope you're keeping warm too. :)

Mrs. JP said...

dreaming about spring/summer sounds like a good plan, especially with a fish fry. JP and I did a freezer inventory and we have some fish that will just fit that bill!
Keep looking for that perfect full moon,,,blessings from the holler

cowgirl said...

Great that you have some fish in the freezer too Mrs JP! :)
I'm still looking for that perfect full moon. All of them I've seen have been pretty amazing. :)
Thank you!! Hope you all are keeping warm. :)