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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Boot Hill and The Sante Fe Trail

From my little trip to Dodge City a couple of weeks ago.  :)
The statue is called El Capitan. Not sure if you can read the sign. "The statue commemorates the Texas longhorn that gave Dodge City it's place in history as "The Queen of Cowtowns."  The longhorns are descendents of Spanish cattle brought to Mexico in the 16th century. Between 1875 and 1886 over 4 million head were driven up the trail to the Sante Fe Rail Head in Dodge City."

Pretty amazing to think of that many cattle passing through Dodge in those days. I can see why the cowboys cut loose and raised heck when they arrived at the end of the trail.

Found a room at the local Best Western on 14th and Wyatt Earp.  :)

It was ok.......the door led to a little balcony.

My favorite thing about the room was probably the pillows. I love pillows. lol

Right across from the Coors plant. :)

Checked out Casey's Cowtown for supper the first night... I really wanted to find a good steak. Figured being in the middle of beef country, I'd be able to find a nice fresh thick hunka beef.

snapped a pic of a wagon at the Cowtown...

They had prime rib so I gave it a try...came with corn, twice baked tatoe and a salad.
It wasn't the wonderful meal I had hoped to get. lol  Don't mean to complain but the corn was canned and the potato was not from this world. The meat was just ok. 

Next day I toured the town. :)  Hit Boot Hill first.


Boot Hill is pretty much a museum. During the summer there are shows, gunfights and I believe stagecoach rides. It was pretty deserted while I was there, the wind was soooo cold.

I started at one end of the boardwalk and worked my way through the can tour the place without going outside. The stores are connected, which was great!

It was actually very interesting.  Lots of history preserved in those buildings.

Hit the saloon first. Since it was December, there was no one there but the piano player. He sounded awesome! :)

the bar...

Their gun collection was impressive...

Lawmen of the past...

Chalkley Beeson and Hamilton Bell...

and more famous ones... James Masterson

And Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp...

Photo at the top on the far left side... Sheriff George T Hinkle, grandfather of Greyrooster who so kindly left a comment on this post (below). Thanks again for the info, wish the photo would have been bigger!!

another old wagon...

snapped a pic of this Thresher's cook shack..
Rolf in Germany, if you see this, you need to build one of these too. :)

One statue in downtown Dodge was interesting to me.

Good old Wyatt Earp....... swinging around, ready to pull his gun...

What I didn't realize at the time, a friend had made the statue. Mary Spurgeon from Oklahoma. She was an amazing woman, a true pioneer and cowgirl. I was privileged to know her.

Hit the casino that night, still looking for a good steak.  :)

Found an ok ribeye, came with a baked tatoe. No salad or veggie, just meat and tatoe. You can buy a salad but I knew I'd be lucky to finish the steak and tatoe (which I didn't).

 I'm not a gambler. Just haven't been around it enough to get an interest. So... I tried a few penny and quarter machines to see what it was all about. The casino was pretty packed and you could tell that some of the regulars had their favorite machines. I guess that's why they stood behind me hovering while I played. lol    I lucked out and came out with $60. more than I started with. I'm still not "hooked" but had a good time.

Ihop the next morning...

Steak tips. (still searching for that perfect steak I guess lol)

Lastly was the Sante Fe Trail...
There are many wagon tracks in the area, this little section has been fenced off so people can check them out close up. There is a path worn beside the wagon ruts where people walk the trail. I guess they want to be a part of the history...experience a small taste of what pioneers experienced so long ago.

Looking out across the land, you can see many, many wagon tracks....some are covered by tall grasses but the ruts are deep.

Close up of a wagon rut...

Lastly.... my favorite meal of all time.
Found a vietnamese cafe that served the most excellent food!!! It wasn't the beef steak I was looking for but it was a pork steak. Who woulda thunk it. :)

The Saigon Cafe...

I enjoyed seeing Dodge, it has been years since I've been there. Boot Hill was pretty interesting. My favorite was the Sante Fe Trail. Something about standing out on that hill, feeling the wind blow on my face... looking out as far as the eye could see.  Made me "think" about the brave men and women who crossed the land in search of a good life.
It was an amazing feeling. (yeah, I'm a sap).

Next thought.  I'm going to stick to cooking my own steaks. lol 


Rolf Virbom said...

BAMM - headshot (Volltreffer) in the center of my sonsors!!!
You knew excactly what you were doing, when you posted these pics.
And you know excactly how much I want be there with you.
Do they need a trail cook over there?

Thank you for this report!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

That was a good posting, I have never seen any of those places and I liked the trail. We live near the Carolina road and you can still see parts but much has modern roads on it. Thanks for all the photos.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

It is amazing Jeanie that those wagon ruts are still there after all these years.

Those small cafe's usually have the best food.

Looks like you had a great time!

cowgirl said...

lol Rolf I'm glad you liked the photos. I had you in mind when taking many of them. Every time I see a wagon, I think of your Chuckwagon. :)
I think you would like Boot Hill, it is filled with much Old West and Dodge City history.
The Sante Fe Trail was pretty special too. Maybe someday you will make it over here to see.
Thanks Rolf, have a great week!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Sunnybrook, I'm glad you liked the pics. There are many tracks on private property....I am glad they saved this section for the public to view.
The Carolina Road sounds interesting too. I would love to see it someday.
Hope you are having a nice week so far. :)

cowgirl said...

Bill it's amazing! So many wagons and the ruts are sooo deep. I'm sure it was a bumpy ride. A friend's grandpa, who lived to 103, talked about coming from Missouri to Oklahoma on the back of a wagon. He was a youngster but could remember how bumpy the ride was. :)
I enjoyed the trip to Dodge, hope to go again soon.
Thanks Bill! :)

Jim Dorchak said...

I miss take out Chinese. They do not have it here. Looks yummy though. Have you done any Chinese meals? I can not remember.
Jim Dorchak

cowgirl said...

Jim I have not posted many Chinese meals. My favorite is probably the pork I make....also the fried rice.
I love Chinese food but have not taken the time to learn how to make much of it.
Maybe I should start in 2014. :)
Hope you have a Happy New Year!

JazzCat said...

a Great Tour, Thank you Jeanie!!

cowgirl said...

Thanks JazzCat! It was a pretty interesting trip, think I'll go again. Hope all is well with you, good to see ya!

Paul said...

Cool Jeanie, thanks for the tour, when you cook like you do it's hard to find anything as good. :)

Greyrooster said...

Cowgirl: The pictures you posted of former sheriffs of Dodge City missed the most important one. George T Hinkle, His picture was slightly to the right of the ones you posted. He defeated Bat Masterson for Sheriff. He was also my grandfather. The historical society his now repairing his home on 1st str.
I agree the food isn't much in Dodge City. It's also the windiest city in America.

cowgirl said...

Paul thanks! :) (((HUGS))) to ya!

cowgirl said...

Greyrooster thanks so much for the information! I went back through the photos I took and found one of your grandfather! I will see if I can get it added to this post.
He must have led an interesting life.... :)
Next time I'm in Dodge I will look for his house.
Thanks for stopping by!