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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wild Rice Dressing...just in time for Thanksgiving

One of my favorite things about a Thanksgiving feast is the dressing. Not sure if I've ever met a dressing that I didn't like! For a change of pace from regular seasoned bread or cornbread dressings, I make a wild rice dressing that would be great along side of a Thanksgiving turkey.
I made this over the campfire with some fire grilled venison steaks and quail. It was pretty danged tasty! It can easily be made on a grill, in an oven or on your stove top.
The kind folks at Char-Broil asked if I would share a "cowgirl" dressing recipe with them. This is the one that came to mind first.
Wild Rice Dressing
 If you get the time, please take a peek at my post. Most of you already know I'm not a writer, so don't expect anything fancy. :) 

Deer season is in full swing here. Have a house full of people and a couple of deer hanging. I've been busy cooking, eating and spending time visiting with everyone.  Deer camp with friends only happens one week out of the year so I enjoy every second of it. :)

Hope to catch up on emails and posts here after the week is up.
Happy Thanksgiving to every one!!


Ole Smokey said...

Wow! That looks so good. I saved the recipe and pictures.

And I usually don't care for rice. :-)

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jeanie. I hope you have a safe and happy day.

The recipe looks great. I just may stuff some Cornish Game Hens with that mix.

LindaG said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Congratulations on all the deer, too. ♥

cowgirl said...

Thanks Ole Smokey! :)
I really like this stuff. The meat makes it a pretty hearty dressing, could be a meal by itself.
Hope you are having a nice Thanksgiving!

cowgirl said...

Thank you Bill! I hope you are having a wonderful day too!
Thanks for checking out the recipe too, I appreciate it. :)

cowgirl said...

Linda thank you!! Hope you and family have a great day! :)