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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fried Spam-n-Scrambled Eggs ala Chris :)

Thanks again Chris! I've not tried fried spam and eggs before. It was good stuff! :)
Thanks to Mark too for the straight-out-of-the-can spam idea... next time I will add a squirt of mustard. :)

I fried the cubed spam in a bit of butter, removed from the skillet. Added scallions and minced garlic, then the eggs. Then put the fried spam back in the skillet. It was a tasty lunch!

Thanks again Chris! :)


LindaG said...

That looks great! I grew up on Spam, but my hubby from Louisiana, had not had it until he married me.

He still doesn't really care for it. ;o)

Have a blessed week!

cowgirl said...

Thanks Linda! I hope all is going well at your new place. I need to stop by and see if blogger will let me leave a comment. lol

Sid said...

Hi Jeanie! Did the smoked Spam. DEEEELISH! Darn near ate the whole thing myself. Glad you liked the eggs thing. Goggle Spam Jam. I think you'll find it interesting.Hope you had a nice weekend. Chris

cowgirl said...

Chris that's great! Really glad to hear you liked it smoked. :)
I like the fried spam egg mix too... thanks again for the idea!
I just googled Spam Jam.. Wow! I want to go to the one at Waikiki. lol
There are so many recipes to check out too.
Thank you Chris! :)

I had a nice weekend, it was nice and quiet. :)
Hope you had a good one too!

Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Ya, it's pretty handy for a guy like me to keep a little spam around. There is so much one can do with it. I don't know if we would want to be there when it is manufactured though.

cowgirl said...

lol Mark.. I agree! :)