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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Beer Battered Bacon Wrapped Bickles

I love deep fried pickles and usually just use sliced or hamburger sliced dill pickles for a quick snack.
Someone had mentioned wrapping pickles in bacon and smoking.... it sounded interesting...but I went with the deep fried route. I like em crisp. :) 

I made my beer batter...
1 cup flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
enough beer to make pancake like batter (about 3/4 of a 12 oz bottle)
or more if you like a light batter

I wrapped the dill pickle spears in bacon, secured with a skewer, rolled in flour then in the batter.

Fried til golden...

drained on paper towels...

I really liked these. :)  They were nice and crisp. The bacon flavor did not come out as strong as I thought it might because the dill pickles are so powerful... but they were mighty tasty. :)

The only thing I will do different next time is secure the bacon with toothpicks instead of the skewers...then I can lay the pickles in a skillet to fry and not use so much oil! :)


2 Tramps said...

Those things look so good! Bacon AND deep fried? What could be better than that?!!

Old Smoke said...

"They" say bacon DOES make everything taste better......:)
Why not pickles?
Have a good weekend.

cowgirl said...

Thank you 2 Tramps! :)
They were tastier than I thought they would be. lol
Hope you have a great weekend. :)

cowgirl said...

Thanks Rick! Hope you're having a great weekend too. :)

Big Dude said...

Positively brilliant

cowgirl said...

Larry Thanks! :)
They were kinda tasty!

panthers76 said...

Jeanie, I gotta say I think the fried version would be better. I can't imagine how the smoked would turn out. Maybe I should try...

Ross in Ventura said...

Bacon wrapped pickles My My you sure can cook Jeanie


cowgirl said...

Thank you Bill! The smoked version had sauce on top too.. it looked good but kind of soggy. I guess I like crisp better.
Hope you are having a great weekend!

cowgirl said...

Ross you're too kind!!
Thanks friend! :)

panthers76 said...

I can see the soggy part for sure. Weekend has been great., thanks for asking Jeanie... How was yours?

I tried your crab stuffed salmon tonight. Big hit with the family!

Raul Miranda said...

Hello Cowgirl, been reading your blog for a while now, and love all the recipes.

Working on my own UDS inox.

I write today because there is a typo on the header, it's pickle not bickle.

Regards from a Mexican currently in Argentina on a business trip.


cowgirl said...

Glad to hear you had a good weekend Bill, mine was nice and quiet. :)
So glad you liked the stuffed salmon. Thanks for letting me know!

cowgirl said...

Raul Thank you! :)
"Bickle" was a poor attempt to come up with a name for I went with bacon + pickle = "bickle"
lol I know...pretty lame. :)

I have never been to Argentina but hear that it is a beautiful country!! I hope you are enjoying your trip.

Thank you for looking at my blog Raul, I really appreciate that. Also thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.
It's nice to "meet" you! :)

Hope you have a nice time in Argentina and a safe trip home. :)

cowgirl said...

Raul, I forgot to mention...
I'd love to see your UDS when you get it finished and if you have the time to take pics.
Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Jeanie just break-off the skewers and keep the semi-deep-fat. A good battercrust requires submersion in fat of a good and constant heat. And enough mass to keep the temperature up.

I haven't heard you complain about the heat, so you aren't in this years US heat/drought belt?

Local weatherstation's website reports we have had 16mm of rain today, still 5 hours to go, so we will see a couple of extra milimeters.

(1 inch is 25,4 mm)

cowgirl said...

I think by the must be Donald? :)
Thanks for the tips! I think breaking the skewers off would work grea, I would be able to lay the pickles down instead of standing them upright.

The weather is still dry and the temps have been up to 108F.. but it still isn't as bad as it was this time last year! I'm keeping an eye on the pasture situation. I've got the cattle grazing on more land this summer...that helps.

Wish you could send some of your rain my way. :)
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I was able to avert the rain today, hopefully it arrived in North-Eastern(?) Oklahoma, as we only had one milimeter today, while evaporation sofar has been 1.68 milimeter. Yesterday we had one inch of rain, so 24 milimeters I directed across the pond;-).

Never got a good battercrust myself, to heavy, or not crispy, or burned;-). d.

Mike said...

Lookin' good as usual Jeanie. I need to try these sometime.

So, just so I have it right, you roll the pickle in flour, wrap it in bacon, roll that in flour then batter dip and deep fry?

cowgirl said...

Donald I'm waiting for that rain! :)

cowgirl said...

Hi Mike! :)
The pics are misleading. I wrap in bacon then roll in flour. The flour helps the batter stick to the whole thing.
I wanted to get a pic of what kind of pickle I used... but I shouldnt have set it on the pile of flour. lol
Hope you have great luck with them!
Thanks again Mike. :)

Chris C said...

Jeanie They look wonderful. A place here in Tucson used to have fried pickle chips and they were awesome. I finally figured out why... they had fried Bananna/peperoncini chips mixed with them! They were great together! Just throwing another idea to ya!

cowgirl said...

Wow Chris those sound good! Thanks for the idea. :)
Thanks for stopping by too, good to see ya!